Chapter 894: Another Encounter (2)

    Chapter 894: Another Encounter (2)

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    "Sect Master, what's going on?"

    The middle-aged man stared in confusion at the Sect Master as he wondered what the content of the letter was to have caused the Sect Master to lose his cool.

    "It's a letter from Grand Lord Hong Lian," Chang Lin took a deep breath, "He says that his daughter has some business with the Medicine Sect and is coming here. He has asked us to take care of his daughter!"

    "Grand Lord Hong Lian has a daughter?"

    To the middle-aged man, this news was even more shocking than the fact that the Holy Doctor had taken a disciple.

    Furthermore, what on earth is going on?

    While it was understandable that the Holy Doctor's disciple would come to the Medicine Sect and get involved since she was a doctor as well, what was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter doing here?

    "Sect Master, has that young lady arrived at the Medicine Sect's gate? I'll have both of them escorted into the Sect now." The middle-aged man slowly steadied the shock he felt in his heart and spoke reverently.

    "What do you mean by 'both of them'?" Chang Lin responded in confusion as he stared at the middle-aged man, "There's only one person. Just escort that person in, that would be enough."


    This time, it was the middle-aged man's turn to go into shock. He looked carefully at Chang Lin and said, "Didn't you say that Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter has arrived as well? If we don't take good care of that madman's daughter and, knowing his temper, he would grind the Medicine Sect to the ground."

    Besides, he had also received word that the madman has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Saint!

    A Martial Saint!

    On this entire mainland, only the First City has Martial Saints in their midst!

    "Oh, I had forgotten to mention that Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter is also named Gu Ruoyun!"


    This revelation was like a stroke of lightning and immediately sent the middle-aged man into bewilderment. He stared at Chang Lin foolishly, "Sect Master, are you saying that the Holy Doctor's disciple and Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter are the same person?"

    Chang Lin laughed bitterly and said, "Lin Yang, you better hurry and go escort that young lady. If my memory is correct, Elder Huang's daughter, Huang Feifei, should be standing guard outside the entrance to the Medicine Sect today. She is already arrogant and despotic on a regular basis but I had chosen to overlook this to take care of Elder Huang's dignity so long as she does not overdo it. However, this time, it's different! That young lady is not only the Holy Doctor's disciple, she's also Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter. If she were to receive any grief, the Medicine Sect would be uprooted for sure! Especially since those two are both extremely defensive! However, Grand Lord Hong Lian has specifically requested that he does not wish for most people to find out that she is his daughter!"

    Dealing with the Holy Doctor is straightforward, Chang Lin has a pretty good relationship with the Holy Doctor. If something bad actually happens, a polite apology would suffice but Grand Lord Hong Lian was different. Everyone knows how defensive that madman was. Once, someone had mistakenly killed his little footboy and ultimately, he had single-handedly charged at the culprit and annihilated their whole family.

    Furthermore, this was his precious daughter!

    If anything were to happen to her, knowing Grand Lord Hong Lian's temperament, would he ever spare the Medicine Sect?

    Lin Yang quickly snapped out from his daze and shivered. He then flew at top speed towards the Medicine Sect's gate as he prayed repeatedly in his heart, hoping that Huang Feifei would not be her usual condescending self.

    After all, everyone in the Medicine Sect knew what kind of person Huang Feifei was! With the high position that her grandfather holds, even the Sect Master had to give precedence to him. This had shaped her arrogant and despotic attitude.

    Sadly, Lin Yang had been one step too late. Just as he reached the foot of the mountain, he immediately saw Huang Feifei and Gu Ruoyun who were surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.
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