Chapter 895: Another Encounter (3)

    Chapter 895: Another Encounter (3)

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    "Damned girl, you are far too egotistical and arrogant too! Who do you think you are? Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter? Let me tell you this, even if you were a princess, you should give way to me! It's your problem for being weaker and to have a support system that is weaker than mine! On this mainland, aside from the Red Lotus Territory, I have never feared anyone else!"

    Of course, this does not include the First City.

    The First City was extremely mysterious and rarely ever appeared before the eyes of the world. Therefore, it was not even up for consideration in Huang Feifei's heart.

    Lin Yang furrowed his brow and exclaimed softly, "Huang Feifei, everyone who comes to attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting are our guests! Is this how you treat our guests who have journeyed from far and wide?"

    He has a particularly ugly look on his face now.  I did not think that Huang Feifei would use her power to bully others once again! Now that so many have witnessed this situation, I don't know what kind of rumor will spread from here on.

    Huang Feifei obviously placed little importance on Steward Lin's words. She scoffed icily and replied tauntingly, "These two are here to attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting? Steward Lin, do you think that I'm an idiot? They are obviously here to seek out medical attention. How could the Medicine Sect ever find the time to help them at such a busy moment? Besides, there is no cure for a severed limb and most people know this fact. I'm simply showing them kindness by stopping them from wasting their time!"

    To seek out medical attention?

    Lin Yang was mildly stunned before he noticed the one-armed youth who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun. He then heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

    The Holy Doctor's disciple would have journeyed here to attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting while these two look like they are here to seek medical attention. This must not be the girl!

    "Huang Feifei, regardless of that, you shouldn't act so arrogantly in the outside world! Go back to the Sect first, I am waiting for an important guest!"

    Once he had said his piece, Lin Yang turned away and directed his gaze at a far-off distance, searching for someone in the crowd. Despite the fact that he had never seen Gu Ruoyun's portrait or face before, it would still be possible for him to find her within this crowd.

    He was confident of that solely for the reason that he was acquainted with most of the doctors here. Those women following closely behind these doctors would not be the person that he was waiting for! Since the Holy Doctor has not arrived yet, this means that he only needs to look for a young woman who was traveling alone - this would most likely be the person whom he has to escort.

    "Why isn't she here yet?"

    After having searched an entire round, Lin Yang realized that everyone he had seen was his acquaintances. The figure he was looking for could not be found at all.

    However, just then, the bustling crowd was suddenly silenced.

    Gu Ruoyun followed the crowd's gaze and turned around. When she saw that incomparably beautiful figure which was as gorgeous as a peach blossom, she was stunned.

    It's him?

    What's he doing on this mainland?

    Before Gu Ruoyun could understand what was going on, the open palanquin had arrived right in front of her.

    "Xiao Yun'er, long time no see. Come, quick, give this prince a hug."

    The man reclined lazily against the back of his chair. His peach blossom pink robes were opened ever so slightly, revealing an attractive and fair sliver of flesh. At this moment, the corners of his lips were curled into an evil smile. His phoenix-like eyes were slightly upraised as he reached his arms out at Gu Ruoyun, ready for an embrace.

    It goes without saying that this man was gorgeous. Those peach blossom pink robes do not look vulgar on him at all. On the contrary, they made him look even more glamorous and evil.

    His smile was like an endless stretch of blooming peach blossoms, it was so mesmerizing that many gasps could be heard from all around them.

    They had never seen such a beautiful man!

    Had he not opened his mouth to speak, many would have thought that he was a woman!
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