Chapter 897: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (1)

    Chapter 897: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (1)

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    Zhuo Shangchen furrowed his brows as his peach blossom eyes unintentionally swept across Huang Feifei's face. His gaze caused Huang Feifei to feel an endless chill and she shivered.

    However, when she turned to look at the evil man again, she saw that he was still reclining on his palanquin and had remained languid and peerlessly beautiful.

    "Huang Feifei!" Lin Yang was incensed. He had not expected this woman to spout such drivel when his attention had slipped. If Grand Lord Hong Lian were to hear about this, the entire Medicine Sect would be driven to the ground!

    "There's no need for you to remain here now, go back to the Sect this instant! Since this woman is the Medicine Sect's guest, it is my duty to escort her!"

    At this moment, Huang Feifei's heart had fallen for the evil-doer so how could she possibly listen to Lin Yang's orders?

    Besides, her father was an elder of the Medicine Sect! Therefore, she does not need to follow the orders of a steward!

    "Steward Lin, don't forget yourself!" Huang Feifei laughed icily and swept her gaze towards Lin Yang. Her lips were curled into a disdainful angle, "It's not your right to chastise me on how to do my duty! Besides, when you said that you wanted to shield this woman, is it because you have some sort of relationship with her? Tsk, tsk. You really can't judge a book by its cover. I didn't think that such a delicate and pretty girl would secretly fool around with the Medicine Sect's steward! I will never allow someone with such a hateful character to set foot in the Medicine Sect!"


    Suddenly, a flash of steel appeared from the side. Huang Feifei's gaze darkened and she hurriedly dodged the attack. She then turned in anger and contempt towards the youth with the severed arm.

    Xia Linyu's left arm was holding tightly to his sword as a vein throbbed on his forehead. An endless amount of anger has filled his clear and limpid gaze but his heart was full of helplessness.

    If my right hand had not been severed, I would certainly have been able to harm Huang Feifei since her defenses were down!


    Gu Ruoyun quickly grabbed Xia Linyu's hand when she sensed the hurt in his heart. She then slowly directed her clear, cold gaze at Huang Feifei's icy pallor.

    "I had thought that this matter could have been settled after she had apologized to you but unfortunately..."


    No one saw Gu Ruoyun move nor did anyone notice when she had made her move. Just as she spoke, Huang Feifei's body was suddenly flung out of the way like an arrow leaving its bow and was thrown violently into the crowd.

    The crowd was instantly silenced. They stared stupidly at the figure in green whose robes were fluttering in the gentle breeze, temporarily unable to regain their senses.

    Naturally, as Elder Huang's daughter, Huang Feifei has inherited considerable talents. Coupled with the fact that she had been nurtured by countless treasures, her powers have long reached the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor. However, this woman has somehow defeated her in one blow?

    What kind of abnormality is she? The crowd wondered.

    Most importantly, this woman seems to be around twenty years of age. This means that she was younger than Huang Feifei by around ten years. How could it be possible for this woman to defeat Huang Feifei before she could even react?

    Huang Feifei's expression was an ugly sight to behold. This woman whom I had presumed to be a good-for-nothing has actually defeated me?

    Furthermore, I was unable to see how she had done it!

    "Gu Ruoyun, hehe, it goes without saying that you are very bold to have the audacity to attack me in front of the Medicine Sect!" Huang Feifei wiped the blood from the corner of her lips as she crawled to her feet. She thrn sent Gu Ruoyun a venomous glare, akin to that of a poisonous snake's, "Great, this is just great! I'll show you the consequences of offending the Medicine Sect right now!"
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