Chapter 898: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (2)

    Chapter 898: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (2)

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    Lin Yang's expression was an ugly sight to behold when he heard Huang Feifei's declaration. He took a deep breath to suppress his anger but just as he was about to speak again, Gu Ruoyun had disappeared.

    Suddenly, the green-clad figure reappeared right in front of Huang Feifei. She then calmly lifted her leg and slammed it directly at Huang Feifei's head.


    The scene caused many to suck in a shocked breath as they stared unbelievingly at the woman who had raised her leg against Huang Feifei. Their eyes filled with horror.

    This woman is far too cruel as well! If her strike hits the target, Huang Feifei's life would probably be terminated!

    Besides, she had the audacity to react with such ferocity right outside the Medicine Sect. Does she place no importance on the Medicine Sect at all?


    Before Huang Feifei could finish her sentence, that foot had landed right on top of her head.


    Instantly, her entire head had been stomped right into the ground. Her arms flailed in the air from the sheer force of it yet she could not throw the foot off her head! Just as Huang Feifei was about to be suffocated to death, Gu Ruoyun finally removed her leg - slowly. She then calmly said, "Apologies, I would really like to know what the consequences of offending the Medicine Sect are."

    Zuo Shangchen raised the corner of his lips as he looked at the expression on Gu Ruoyun's face, rejoicing in the misfortune of Huang Feifei who was now covered in dirt.

    The consequences of offending the Medicine Sect?

    Tsk, tsk. I only know the consequences that comes with offending Gu Ruoyun!

    Zuo Shangchen could be counted amongst those who had watched Gu Ruoyun as she had grown up. After all, he had been acquainted with her when she had been weak and helpless. All these years, the numbers of those who had crossed her were too numerous to be counted. However, it could be said that none of those people have had a good ending!

    "What are you all still waiting around for?" Huang Feifei pointed at Gu Ruoyun as she glared at the rest of the Medicine Sect's members and bellowed angrily, "Get this woman!"

    Lin Yang sneered. Earlier on, he had not tried to stop Huang Feifei again because he wanted to give her a lesson. Was she behaving this way all because her father was an elder of the Medicine Sect? He believes that even if the Sect Master were here, he would not act so impudently to Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter!

    "Enough," When he noticed that the Medicine Sect's members were about to follow Huang Feifei's orders, Lin Yang rose to his feet and spoke with a frown, "Huang Feifei, the Medicine's Sect Master has issued a token. You shall go back immediately!"

    As he said those words, Lin Yang pulled out the Sect Master's token.

    Seeing the token was equivalent to seeing the Sect Master himself. Hence, the Medicine Sect disciples who had stepped forward quickly stopped and no longer dared to make a move.

    They could all see that Lin Yang was purposely shielding Gu Ruoyun. Perhaps this woman has some sort of relationship with Lin Yang? They wondered.

    However, that cannot be.

    Prior to this, Lin Yang did not even know her name. Otherwise, he would not have asked her what her name was.

    "Hehe." Huang Feifei chuckled and flashed her teeth eerily, "Lin Yang, as a steward of the Medicine Sect, you're actually helping an outsider. I will definitely tell my father about this. When that time comes, your position as a steward will be at its end!"

    Lin Yang has the Sect Master's token in his hand so Huang Feifei had not dared to make any rash moves. She settled for stabbing a malicious glare, like a dagger dripping with venom, at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you've seduced Steward Lin Yang. He's not the decision maker in the Medicine Sect. We're leaving!"

    After saying her piece, Huang Feifei no longer spared Gu Ruoyun another look. However, as she led the Medicine Sect's disciples away, she glanced towards the evil-looking man who had been lying indolently on his chair the entire time. Her eyes flashed, mesmerized.

    I, Huang Feifei, must have this magnificent and unmatched peach blossom-like man.
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