Chapter 899: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (3)

    Chapter 899: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (3)

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    At the Medicine Sect.

    An elderly man dressed in yellow robes was seated cross-legged with his eyes closed at the cultivation chamber in the Elders' Courtyard. He sensed a familiar aura and opened his murky eyes, turning towards the woman dressed in yellow robes who had just pushed the door open.

    At this moment, Huang Feifei's entire face was filled with grief and anger as if she had suffered an enormous humiliation. When she saw the yellow-robed elder, she immediately threw herself at him and began to sob profusely.

    "Father, you must avenge me. They are simply intolerable bullies!"

    The yellow-robed elder's heart thumped. He frowned as he exclaimed with a twinge of hurt in his voice, "Fei'er, what happened? Who is responsible for your grief? Tell me, Father will avenge you!"

    Huang Feifei's arrogant and unruly attitude was largely due to the yellow-robed elder's pampering. That year, Huang Feifei had fallen for a man but had ended up being rejected as the man already had a fiancé. She had then led the members of the Medicine Sect and destroyed his fiancé's entire family before forcibly taking the man back to the Medicine Sect.

    At that time, the matter had created a huge ruckus and many had displayed great anger towards Huang Feifei's actions. Even the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect wanted to have her thrown out of the Sect. However, this did not come to be and no one knew what Elder Huang had used to threaten the Sect Master out of his decision.

    "Father," Huang Feifei wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes as a twinge of hatred flashed in her pupils, "Recently, because of the Medicine Sect's general meeting, many people have come to the Medicine Sect. I was busy welcoming these people and did not have much time yet, of all things, someone had come to cause a scene. That troublemaking woman had shamelessly boasted that she would make the Medicine Sect heal her brother's severed arm! She even threatened me by saying that if the Medicine Sect does not help her, she would destroy the Medicine Sect!"


    Elder Huang was greatly enraged. He slammed his desk furiously and rose to his feet before exclaiming with an ashen face, "What kind of person would be so shameless? What, is the Medicine Sect the villain if we refuse to heal her brother? Or if we don't treat him, she must destroy the entire Medicine Sect? Hehe, she underestimates the Medicine Sect! Fei'er, do you know where this woman is from?"

    "Where is she from?" Huang Feifei sneered, "That woman's power isn't too bad, she's even capable of beating me up. However, she is definitely not a member of the First City. There are countless people with exceptional capabilities in the First City. If she had been from the First City, she would not need to make the trip to the Medicine Sect and ask for help. Besides, she can't be Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter. Grand Lord Hong Lian has always been known to be alone and has no wife, children or relatives. So, aside from those who belong to these two areas, the Medicine Sect does not need to be afraid of her regardless of who she is."

    Huang Feifei was speaking the truth as well.

    On the mainland, aside from the First City and Grand Lord Hong Lian, no one else could make the Medicine Sect quake with fear.

    Elder Huang's expression darkened even more. He never imagined that anyone would dare to lay a hand on his precious daughter in the Medicine Sect's territory.

    Elder Huang took a deep breath and suppressed the fiery rage in his heart. However, his murky pupils were still filled with hatred.

    "Why didn't you ask the Medicine Sect's members to apprehend that woman?"

    Huang Feifei's face filled with even more grief when she heard this, "It was Lin Yang!"

    "Lin Yang?"

    Elder Huang was mildly shocked. Even though he does not really have a good relationship with Lin Yang, how was the steward related to this matter?

    "Father, Lin Yang is in a relationship with that woman!" Huang Feifei's eyes darted back and forth. She gnashed her teeth and said, "I could tell that she has already fooled around with Lin Yang. They must have had illicit sexual relations for such a long time. You have no idea how Lin Yang had treated me! For that woman's sake, he had not hesitated to chastise me and he even pulled out the Sect Master's token. He then said... That if I dared to lay a hand on that woman, he would kill me!"
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