Chapter 900: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (4)

    Chapter 900: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (4)

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    The last two sentences which Huang Feifei had described were scenarios that she had carelessly made up. So what? Even though there were many eyewitnesses, when the real confrontation arrives, no one would ever side with Gu Ruoyun and Lin Yang.

    She had based her assumptions merely on the fact that she was Elder Huang's daughter and no one would dare to cross her.


    Elder Huang burst into laughter in spite of his anger. His rampant laugh was filled with the flames of rage.

    "How great of Lin Yang! He had the audacity to treat my daughter this way for the sake of another woman! It seems that his role as steward is at an end! So what if he holds the Sect Master's token? In the Medicine Sect, not even the Sect Master would kill my daughter for the sake of someone else!"

    Elder Huang stopped laughing as a malicious light flashed from within his gloomy gaze.

    "Has that woman entered the Medicine Sect?"

    "She has." Huang Feifei nodded. At this moment, Zuo Shangchen's evil face appeared in her mind's eye, "She had used her relationship with Lin Yang to enter the Medicine Sect and she's not just here to seek medical attention for her brother, she definitely has intentions of joining the Medicine Sect's general meeting. After all, there would be no shortage of reputable physicians in the general meeting. For someone like her, it would be impossible for her not to seduce at least one or two other people."


    Elder Huang scoffed icily and spoke with mockery, "The Medicine Sect's general meeting? Hehe, not just anyone can attend this general meeting, only doctors have the right to take part in it! Since she has set foot in the Medicine Sect and had the audacity to treat my daughter so rudely, I will ensure that both she and Lin Yang will suffer a complete defeat and fall from grace!"

    At this moment, Elder Huang missed the sneer forming on Huang Feifei's face as he said those words. Her venomous and snakelike eyes were filled with hatred. If anyone who was unaware of the situation saw this, they would immediately assume that she has some form of absolutely irreconcilable grudge against Gu Ruoyun.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you had the audacity to humiliate me publicly so you must pay the price a hundred times over!"

    Most importantly, a man that I, Huang Feifei, have fallen for can never look at another woman.

    Otherwise, that woman shall suffer the same fate as that previous other man's fiancé.

    Noone in her family shall be spared!


    In the study, Gao Lin looked up and noticed the green-robed woman following Lin Yang as they entered the room. He was mildly flustered and put his book down as his elderly face broke into a smile.

    "You must be the Holy Doctor's disciple, Gu Ruoyun? Hehe, I had previously been very curious as to what kind of genius would have managed to catch the Holy Doctor's eye. Now that I've seen you, you're really not bad at all. Little girl, if my guess is right, you've already attained the rank of a high-level Martial Honor?"

    Huang Feifei had been unable to sense the surging waves of spiritual energy from within Gu Ruoyun's body but Gao Lin has a very cunning gaze and had seen right through her powers in one glance.

    "Sect Master," Lin Yang took one look at Gu Ruoyun before smiling at Gao Lin, "Did you know that Miss Gu had rendered Huang Feifei completely powerless to retaliate with just one blow outside the Medicine Sect gate a while ago?"


    Gao Lin was a little surprised. After all, Huang Feifei was already at the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor yet this little girl had been able to dispatch her with such rapid speed? Even if she were a high-level Martial Honor, it would not be an easy feat for her to dispatch a mid-level Martial Honor so easily.

    Upon that thought, Gao Lin laughed in spite of himself, "I truly envy that fellow, the Holy Doctor, to be able to obtain such a genius during the remainder of his years. Tsk, tsk. Such a young high-level Martial Honor, perhaps you would become the top cultivator of this mainland one day."
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