Chapter 901: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (5)

    Chapter 901: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (5)

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    It goes without saying that Gao Lin was indeed feeling jealous. Why have I not met such a good young successor yet? A talented person like her would probably only exist in the First City. I'd certainly like to put that old Holy Doctor at a corner and snatch this genius over to my side.

    Naturally, the Holy Doctor was unaware of Gao Lin's thought. Otherwise, he would certainly regret his decision to let Gu Ruoyun attend the Medicine Sect's general meeting.

    "Lord Sect Master, Elder Huang is requesting for an audience."

    Just then, a voice chimed in from outside.

    Elder Huang?

    Everyone frowned when they heard that name. No one expected him to request an audience at this time and they had a feeling that nothing good would come from this.

    From the very beginning, Gu Ruoyun had kept a clear and cold gaze on her face. Her delicate features were unfazed and there were no sign of any changes in her expression at all.

    "Let him in."

    Gao Lin replied in a mild-mannered tone but his brows were tightly knitted as he stared coldly and seriously at the elderly man who had just stepped into the room.

    "Lord Sect Master, you must support my poor daughter!"

    Upon entering the study, Elder Huang began to speak in a tearful voice. Anyone ignorant of the situation would assume that he had suffered a great grief.

    "Oh?" Gao Lin raised his brows and replied with a smile which did not reach his eyes, "May I ask how do you want me to support you, Elder Huang?"

    Elder Huang glanced at Lin Yang who was standing to one side, "My daughter's heart is dedicated to the good of the Sect. She had tried to prevent others who had schemes of their own from entering the Medicine Sect but no one expected Steward Lin to humiliate her in public! I won't let this matter rest unless Steward Lin gives an explanation to me!"

    His demand rang out like the tolling of a great bell and his severe gaze was like a knife which could cut a man into ten thousand pieces.

    Gu Ruoyun raised the corners of her lips slightly and crossed her arms. She looked completely nonchalant as if she was not the troublemaker that Elder Huang was talking about at all.

    Elder Huang had noticed the woman in green after he had barged in. Deep down, he was curious as to why someone would be in the Sect Master's study. However, he did not think too much of it and soon turned his attention away from her.

    "Elder Huang," Gao Lin looked at Elder Huang as he replied indifferently, "It's not like I'm unaware of Huang Feifei's attitude and how she manages affairs, it's just that I had turned a blind eye to it all this while. I'm afraid no one is more aware than you of who is wrong and who is right in this situation. You have invariably shielded your daughter all the time, are you not afraid of courting disaster?"

    Elder Huang's expression changed drastically. He had not expected the Sect Master to say such a thing.

    Based on past situations, shouldn't he be helping me?

    "Lord Sect Master, even if it was my daughter who had made the first offense, that person should not have raised her hand against my daughter! Lin Yang also should not have shielded an outsider in that manner!" Elder Huang sneered as he glared at Lin Yang, "Or should I say, Lin Yang had shielded that woman because he actually has an inappropriate relationship with her?"

    "Elder Huang, you're f*cking spouting slander!"

    Lin Yang's face instantly turned black. He then carefully looked at Gu Ruoyun again. After seeing the indifferent look on her face, his heart began to feel restless and he was deathly afraid that her wrath would draw Grand Lord Hong Lian to them. If this happens, the entire Medicine Sect would be finished.

    "Elder of the Medicine Sect, what a great, awe-inspiring authority you've got."

    Suddenly, a laughter filled with disdain and mockery sounded.

    The voice attracted Elder Huang's attention and also drew his gaze towards the woman he had dismissed earlier on. He furrowed his brows.
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