Chapter 902: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (6)

    Chapter 902: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (6)

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    "Who is your master? Are you not aware of how to speak to your elders properly? Have your parents and your master never taught you the meaning of good manners? It looks like that saying is true, that the type of parent dictates the type of daughter born to them. Observing your uneducated manner, I can certainly pinpoint the morals of your parents. I absolutely can't understand how a person like you would have been able to enter the Medicine Sect!"

    This time, not only Lin Yang's expression has changed, even Gao Lin's face sank.

    He had always known that Elder Huang had set his eyes on those above him and has been currying favors from certain persons outside the Medicine Sect. Sometimes, Elder Huang would not even bother to place any importance on him, the Sect Master. However, Gu Ruoyun's position was unlike any other. This little girl was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter yet Elder Huang has openly humiliated Grand Lord Hong Lian by criticizing her parents!

    "That's right, you are absolutely right."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded and the expression on her face was as if she really agreed with Elder Huang's accusations.

    Elder Huang's expression looked a little better when he heard this. At least this little girl knows more tact and knows that she should submit to me. Otherwise, I will make it such that even she is unaware of how her own death had occurred.

    However, in the next moment, Gu Ruoyun's tone changed as she continued to speak, "It is indeed as you say, the type of parent dictates the type of daughter born to them. Huang Feifei has indeed inherited your old characteristics of ruling like a despot, relying on force to bully others, being capricious, mule-headed, arrogant and despotic!"

    Instantly, Elder Huang's face turned from green to white then white to green again. He glared furiously at Gu Ruoyun and looked as if he could gobble a person whole like a fiend.

    Suddenly, he burst into laughter but his laugh did not reach his eyes. His eyes were whirling with the flames of rage.

    "Little girl, you are the only person on this mainland who dares to speak to me in such a manner. Even the Sect Master has to yield to me! Not bad, not bad at all. You are very bold indeed!" After saying this, he turned this attention back to Gao Lin and spoke with malicious eyes, "Sect Master, how can a woman who displays no upbringing or manners be allowed to set foot in the Medicine Sect? I want you to throw her out of the Medicine Sect right now! Do you have any objections, Sect Master?"

    His tone of voice was spiteful and he had spoken as if he was the main decision-maker in the Medicine Sect.

    This shocked Gu Ruoyun. She subconsciously looked at the arrogant Elder Huang as her eyes flickered.

    According to reason, even if Elder Huang has a high position in the Medicine Sect, his position should not surpass the Sect Master's so why is he so confident that the Sect Master would obey him? Where is his source of confidence coming from?

    Gu Ruoyun simply could not figure it out but did not analyze it any further. She gently raised the corners of her lips and turned to face Gao Lin with a smile which did not reach her eyes.

    "Elder Huang," Gao Lin's eyes have darkened even more as he replied icily, "The Gu girl is the Holy Doctor's disciple and is also a physician attending the upcoming Medicine Sect's general meeting. You don't have the right to make her leave."

    The Holy Doctor's disciple?

    Elder Huang's eyes instantly narrowed before he finally turned his gaze to fully observe Gu Ruoyun.

    Previously, he had assumed that this woman was a disciple from the Medicine Sect but he never imagined that she was actually the old Holy Doctor's disciple. That old man always had high standards. Knowing his fussy expectations, how could someone be lucky enough to be accepted as his disciple?

    After a long pause, he turned away and laughed icily, "So what? Others may fear the Holy Doctor but I've never been afraid of him! Lord Sect Master, I'll only ask you one thing now, are you willing to throw her out or not?"

    Even though Gao Lin had always given way to Elder Huang over the course of the past few years due to certain reasons, this does not mean that he was willing to listen to Elder Huang's orders.
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