Chapter 904: The Medicine Sects General Meeting (8)

    Chapter 904: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (8)

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    "Father, how did it go?"

    In the elder's chamber, Huang Feifei saw Elder Huang entering the room and hurriedly welcomed him, "Did the Sect Master punish that b*tch?"

    Elder Huang suppressed his fiery anger at the sight of his daughter's eager face. He then spoke to her with a face filled with affection, "Feifei, don't worry, even though the Sect Master had not spoken up for you, I won't let you suffer any grievances! My daughter comes from such an honorable status, how could anyone insult you whenever they please? If the Sect Master truly insists on siding with Lin Yang, I don't mind making you the Sect Master's daughter and the Lady of the Medicine Sect."

    Making me the Sect Master's daughter?

    What does he mean? She wondered.

    Huang Feifeis brain was temporarily unable to process this. When she finally made sense of the meaning behind Elder Huang's words, she quickly held her hands to her mouth. There were no signs of shock or fear on her face, only excitement and elation.

    Does Father mean that he wants to become the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect?

    This would mean that the both of us will be in full control of the Medicine Sect! Who would dare oppose my orders on this entire mainland?

    "Fei'er," Elder Huang stroked Huang Feifei's head intimately as determination shone in his malicious eyes, "You can rest assured, I will make you the most treasured woman on the mainland! No other woman would be comparable to you. By then, any man who catches your fancy will become a servant beneath you. No one would ever dare reject my daughter again! However, Fei'er, some men are only good for playing. Based on their station, they would not be a good match for you! My daughter is so outstanding that only the most exceptional man on the mainland can be your husband."

    The most exceptional man?

    At that moment, Zuo Shangchen's mischievous face appeared in Huang Feifei's mind. She could not help but blush at that thought.

    To her point of view, on this mainland, a man who was good enough for her not only needs to have incomparably good looks, he must also be powerful enough! That evil-looking man's looks were obviously up to her standards but she was unsure of his true abilities.

    After giving it some thought, Huang Feifei confessed hesitantly, "Father, I've taken a fancy to someone today."

    "Oh?" Elder Huang was a bit surprised but he responded gently, "I wonder which man would be so fortunate that you, Fei'er, would take a liking to him. I remember that after that last man, you had not seemed to have fallen for anyone else."

    "Father, that man is very good looking. I've never seen such a good-looking man before. He's even more handsome than my previous boy toys. I'd like to ask you to investigate him for me and if it's possible, I'd like to marry him."

    Huang Feifei has played around with many men but this was the first time she had ever mentioned marriage. This made Elder Huang place the highest priority on this matter. A somber look gradually appeared in his eyes as well.

    "Describe this man's facial features to me, I'll send someone to investigate immediately."

    It goes without saying that one would only need to roughly describe Zuo Shangchen's features to be able to find him. However, at this moment, Zuo Shangchen was still blissfully unaware that a woman had now set her sights on him, especially such a disgusting anthomaniac like her.

    If he were to find out about this, he probably would not be able to eat for the next few days.

    At this moment, in one of the Medicine Sect's guest rooms, the man was reclining in a chair with his head propped against his left hand. His peach blossom pink robes were slightly unfurled, displaying a radiance of spring. At this moment, he was in an indolent and contented state. The thoughts in his peach blossom eyes were concealed from the world, filled with smiles.

    "Young Master, I've managed to thoroughly investigate the matter that you've entrusted to me."

    Suddenly, a melodious voice sounded. The man gently raised his brow and turned his gaze towards a devastatingly beautiful handmaiden.
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