Chapter 905: Inviting Humiliation (1)

    Chapter 905: Inviting Humiliation (1)

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    The man's languid tone made him sound as if he had just woken up from a nap. However, that word pierced right through the devastatingly beautiful handmaiden's heart, causing it to tremble immediately. She hurriedly joined her fists and bowed, "Reporting to the Young Master, we have found out through our investigation that the reason why Elder Huang's daughter had dared to display such impudence was because she is being backed by the First City. Besides, she has even slandered Lady Gu in the Medicine Sect. She said that Lady Gu had used her body to seduce Lin Yang which was why Lin Yang had insisted on helping her."

    As she was speaking, the beautiful handmaiden could clearly sense the cold aura emitting from that man and she could not help but shiver violently. Her beautiful eyes peeked carefully over at his evilly carved features.

    "The First City?" The impish-looking man chuckled but his laugh contained an endless chill, "If she has always been arrogant and despotic on a regular basis, we could have let the matter slide. However, she has provoked someone who should not have been provoked in the first place. Ultimately, she will encounter a fate similar to the Immortal Realm!"

    The beautiful handmaiden could not help but pity the father and daughter from the Huang family. Of all the people they had to provoke, it had to be Gu Ruoyun. Now that the Young Master has also lost his temper, he would not let them off so easily even if she had the support of that organization!

    "Young Master, are you planning on sticking up for Lady Gu?"

    "No," The impish man shook his head as a look of mirth appeared in his peach blossom eyes, "You underestimate Xiao Yun'er. There's no need for me to stand up for her in such matters, she can solve this very well on her own. I had asked you to investigate this because I wanted to know which authority Huang Feifei was utilizing in order to be so audacious. However, it is unfortunate that it's only the First City."

    Generally speaking, the act of showing off from an elder and his daughter of a sect does not directly concern Zuo Shangchen. He himself found it tedious to bother with such a brainless woman. However, of all the people this woman had to cross, it had to be Gu Ruoyun. Hence, he could never ignore it!

    Based on Gu Ruoyun's abilities now, he could never make his move! Besides, he also understands that Gu Ruoyun does not want his help for the time being.

    Zuo Shangchen smiled bitterly at the thought. The young girl he had met years ago in Azure Dragon Country has unwittingly grown to an overwhelming degree. As she continues to grow, she would stand at the pinnacle of the mainland one day and become the peak of existence.

    "Young Master."

    Just then, another handmaiden walked into the room. She joined her fists, bowed and informed him, "Young Master, Elder Huang of the Medicine Sect has come to pay you a visit."

    At that moment, Zuo Shangchen's brows furrowed slightly as an obscure light flashed across his peach blossom eyes.

    "Let him in. I'd like to know what business an elder of the Medicine Sect has with me."

    "Yes, Young Master."

    The handmaiden slowly retreated. Not too long after, an elderly man in yellow robes entered the room. He saw the man who was reclining lazily in his chair at first glance and his eyes flashed with surprise.

    No wonder Fei'er wants to marry him, even I had gasped at the sight of this evil-looking man.

    I had gasped because I've never seen anything quite so magnificent on this earth.

    Especially since this magnificence is in the form of a man's body.

    Elder Huang slowly concealed the surprise in his eyes before smiling as he stepped forward, "Good Sir, the reason I've come to visit you today is because I have glad tidings for you."

    "Glad tidings?"

    Zuo Shangchen smiled faintly but his peach blossom eyes were filled with an eerily cold light, "May I ask what these glad tidings are which would require you, Elder Huang of the Medicine Sect, to personally come here for a visit?"

    Zuo Shangchen's words sounded like flattery but he was, in fact, taunting Elder Huang. However, Elder Huang was unable to discern this and he thought that he was trying to curry favor with him. A hint of arrogance then appeared on his elderly features while his eyes filled with disdain.
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