Chapter 907: Inviting Humiliation (3)

    Chapter 907: Inviting Humiliation (3)

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    Those of us who had remained are only loyal to him.

    Zuo Shangchen finally made a move when he noticed that his beautiful handmaiden was about to speak again. He raised his hand and stopped the handmaiden from speaking before he lazily raised his eyes, sweeping his peach blossom gaze across Elder Huang's face with a smile which did not reach his eyes. His evil yet beautiful features were lit up with a smile which could topple nations.

    "Huang Feifei?" He laughed and turned a scornful gaze towards Elder Huang. His tone was languid and leisurely as he said, "I'm sorry, I don't know who she is."


    Elder Huang nearly spat out a mouthful of his old blood. As it turns out, even after I've said so many things, this kid still does not know who my daughter is?

    "Sir," Elder Huang took a deep breath and replied with a vicious look in his eyes, "You had met my daughter while you were at the foot of the Medicine Sect's mountain. My daughter was the incomparably beautiful young lady dressed in yellow robes."

    Upon hearing this, the smile in Zuo Shangchen's eyes grew more pronounced, "You're talking about the woman in yellow at the foot of the Medicine Sect's mountain? I've indeed met one woman dressed in yellow but that woman wasn't much of a peerless beauty. At most, she's an arrogant despot and a condescending, tyrannical freak of nature! So she's your daughter, I've been looking forward to meeting you for a while."

    The beautiful handmaiden smiled when she saw the ashen look on Elder Huang's face. Aside from the Gu siblings, the Young Master has never shown courtesy to anyone else. A woman, no matter how beautiful, would be no different from a pile of bones in his eyes.

    Besides, Huang Feifei was really unsuitable to hold the title of a peerless beauty.

    "By the way," Zuo Shangchen turned towards Elder Huang who now had a very ugly look on his face and spoke condescendingly, "I've even heard of something rather interesting about your daughter. I hear that your daughter had fallen for a man two years ago but that man had been deeply in love with his bride-to-be so he had rejected her. However, she could not accept the fact that the man she liked was marrying another woman. She then led a group of people and destroyed the fianceé's entire family before dragging the man back to the Medicine Sect. Ultimately, the man had committed suicide a few days later, unable to accept this humiliation."

    Elder Huang's expression had gone from green to white before changing from white to green again. This was indeed a disgraceful matter to the Medicine Sect and if he had not received a favor from the Wind Valley's Lord, the Medicine Sect would have definitely thrown them both out.

    "That was only a rumor." Elder Huang steadied his heart and replied with a cold smile, "My daughter is such an outstanding woman, who wouldn't like her? It is without exception. A man whom she has fallen for would be driven to madness for her sake even if he already has a wife. Hence, the matter you've mentioned is merely a rumor spread by others. She can have any man she wishes, why would she need to forcibly take that man? However, out of all the men here, she has fallen for you so much so that she wouldn't even look at any other man. That is why I say that you are fortunate to have managed to hold her heart."

    Despite whatever rumors which were swirling about Huang Feifei in the outside world, to him, she would always be the most outstanding! Just like how beauty was in the eye of the beholder, in a father's heart, his daughter would forever be stronger than anyone else!

    "Elder Huang."

    Zuo Shangchen slowly rose to his feet and raised his chin, looking down upon the elder in yellow robes. He then raised the corners of his lips gently, "I will only offer you and your daughter one piece of advice - dishonor a man, and he will do much more. The consequence of being overly brain-dead is to invite humiliation!"

    "You..." Elder Huang's expression changed greatly. He had not expected Zuo Shangchen to reject him!
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