Chapter 910: A Provocation (1)

    Chapter 910: A Provocation (1)

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    After leaving Zuo Shangchen's quarters, Gu Ruoyun decided to return to the guest rooms to get some rest. However, she unexpectedly overheard something as soon as she set foot into the rear courtyard, causing her to frown.

    "You're a cripple and you dare to cross the Medicine Sect's Feifei? Kid, I advise you to kneel before Feifei and ask for her forgiveness, perhaps she might even spare you and your sister."

    At this moment outside the guest room, a group of people had surrounded Xia Linyu who had just stepped out.

    The leader of the group was a man in grey robes who was staring arrogantly down at Xia Linyu. His eyes were filled with contempt and disdain.

    Who exactly is Huang Feifei? She was Elder Huang's daughter. Who, in the whole of the Medicine Sect, would dare to cross her? Yet these people can't even recognize what's good for them and had dared to make Huang Feifei their enemy. Aren't they looking for their own death?

    So, when Huang Feifei had sought them out, they immediately listened to her orders and came to cause trouble for Gu Ruoyun and Xia Linyu!

    Do these outsiders think that they can do whatever they want with Steward Lin's support? Was his power as a steward in the Medicine Sect be enough to match up against that of an elder's? If he had not held the Sect Master's token in his hand, Huang Feifei would have had every right to bar these outsiders from entering the Medicine Sect.

    Xia Linyu swept his clear, cold gaze across every face before him. His delicate features showed no signs of emotion as he cooly replied, "Get out of the way!"


    The grey-robed man laughed maniacally and raised his lips in a condescending way, "Even a cripple would dare to show such shamelessness before me? If it wasn't for the fact that you are so good-looking, I would have long driven you to a tragic end!"

    Was there anyone in the Medicine Sect who was unaware of this grey robed man's extreme liking towards men? He has an urge to capture any man with delicate features have them as his boy toys. If he had not been one of Elder Huang's direct disciples, he would have long been thrown out of the Medicine Sect due to his peculiar liking for men.

    Xia Linyu's face was enveloped in ice. His clear and limpid eyes seem to have frozen over, displaying a thick fog of chill.


    This one word caused the man in grey's face to change drastically. His eyes gleamed with malice as he spoke, "Damned brat, who do you think you are? You had the audacity to offend Huang Feifei and you're all clearly seeking your own deaths! However, I'm going to give you one last chance. You only need to serve me then perhaps I might even put in a good word about you to Lady Feifei. Hahaha..."

    As he spoke, his vulgar gaze began to scan Xia Linyu from top to toe.

    This little kid may be a cripple but he has fair and delicate features. Especially that petite frame, I can't wait to press myself up against him. 1


    Xia Linyu may be young but he understood the meaning behind the man in grey's words. His delicate features flushed red with rage and his clear eyes gleamed with disgust as he glared fiercely back at that man, "Dream on!"

    "Hmph, you really don't know how to appreciate favors. Guys, grab him! Once I've had my fun with him, we'll hand him over to Lady Feifei."

    The man in grey licked his lips and squinted his malicious eyes as a cold light flitted across his eyes.

    Huang Feifei had mentioned that as long as they did not kill the siblings, any form of torture was acceptable! Since that was the case, he might as well quench his thirst.

    Just as the Medicine Sect's disciples were about to lay their hands on Xia Linyu, an arm reached out from behind them. A great forced landed fiercely on top of the Medicine Sect's disciples with a loud crash and forced them backward. Fresh blood began to trickle down the corner of their lips.

    The woman's hair fluttered under the light breeze. Gu Ruoyun now stood in front of Xia Linyu as her clear and cold eyes glared icily at the leader, the man in grey.
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