Chapter 914: False Charges (1)

    Chapter 914: False Charges (1)

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    The Holy Doctor's disciple?

    Huang Feifei sent an astonished look towards Gu Ruoyun. Never in a million years would she ever think that this woman was actually the Holy Doctor's disciple. Still, so what? This time, she had caused trouble in the Medicine Sect. It would not be reasonable even if the Holy Doctor were to step forward.

    "Gu girl, please explain this to me."

    Gao Lin knit his brows. Honestly, he did not believe in their words at all! Even if Gu Ruoyun had truly intended to snatch the pill formula, why would she interrogate them in broad daylight? This was clearly a false charge!

    What disappointed Gao Lin was that his own disciples in the Medicine Sect would falsely accuse others.

    Especially since Gu Ruoyun was no average person.

    "You still need an explanation?" Elder Huang did not wait for Gu Ruoyun to speak and coldly cut her off, "Sect Master, this matter is clear for all to see. This woman has harmed a disciple of the Medicine Sect and has intended on taking the pill formula away. Does a person like her deserve to be spared? It's no use even if she does give us an explanation! Many of our disciples can bear witness to this."

    Gu Ruoyun did not attempt to give any explanation for her actions. Instead, she only stared at Elder Huang with her clear, cold gaze. At this moment, she was like a mirror which exposed all the ugliness in the opposition's expression.

    Xia Linyu has nearly gone mad with rage. Aside from Xia Ming and his daughter, he has never met anyone else who was so shameless. They were clearly the ones who had provoked them yet, in the end, they had made bogus accusations and are now framing others for theft?

    However, the fire in his heart slowly calmed down when he saw the calm look on Gu Ruoyun's face.

    "Hehe," Xia Linyu chuckled softly and his delicate features filled with disdain, "My sister would never pay any attention to that scrap of pill formula."

    He was speaking the truth.

    All the pills sold on the West Spirit Mainland had been refined by Gu Ruoyun herself. She would not place any importance on one pill formula. Besides, he also knows that his sister had journeyed to the Medicine Sect in order to obtain the herbs needed to heal his arm.

    As for those precious medicinal herbs, they could only be found in the Northern Block Territory.

    Xia Linyu was aware of Gu Ruoyun's power but that does not mean that others would know this as well. Therefore, when they heard his smug declaration, Elder Huang immediately burst into laughter as if he had just heard the biggest joke in the world. He laughed so hard that he almost could not stop.

    "A scrap piece of pill formula? This is a typical case of saying that the grapes were sour after being unable to eat the grapes." Elder Huang's lips curled into a disdainful angle as his elderly features filled with contempt, "This is the first time an old man like me has ever heard anyone call a pill formula as a 'scrap'. If you really don't see the rarity of that pill formula, you won't have wasted your effort in trying to steal it! Sect Master, I know that your relationship with the Holy Doctor is more than ordinary but this matter involves the interests of the Medicine Sect. If you truly refuse to protect the Medicine Sect, your post as the Sect Master is at an end!"

    Elder Huang had thought of dragging Gao Lin down from his position but if he had done it that way, many would not feel satisfied with his decision. However, he had not expected Gao Lin himself to provide him with such an opportunity!

    If Gao Lin neglects the Medicine Sect in this manner and shields this woman who has intended to steal the pill formula, no one in the Medicine Sect would support him!

    Gao Lin has thought of this as well so he has fallen silent!

    However, he returned to his senses after a short pause. A cold light flashed in his elderly features and he sent Elder Huang an icy glare, "Elder Huang, your words have crossed a line. You've concluded that someone is guilty based only on the accusations of others. Since when have you been granted such a privilege? What if someone were to accuse you, Elder Huang, of plotting a rebellion, should I punish you too?"
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