Chapter 922: First City, Wind Valley (1)

    Chapter 922: First City, Wind Valley (1)

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    During this period of time, Elder Huang and his daughter's reputation has become infamous. Everyone on the East Peak Mainland was aware of their infamy, not just the cultivators who have visited the Medicine Sect. Even children who have just begun to babble knew Elder Huang's 'gallant achievements'.

    According to the rumor, Elder Huang's daughter Huang Feifei had an arrogant and despotic attitude. Just because a woman who had visited the Medicine Sect as a guest had offended her, Huang Feifei had schemed to frame her for stealing the Medicine Sect's pill formula! No one could have anticipated that the woman would manage to produce the evidence to prove her innocence. They also had not expected Elder Huang to lose all sense and side with his daughter. He had not hesitated to step in and attempt to murder the woman who had been framed.

    Even though Huang Feifei had once created a sensation on the mainland, that sensation did not have very much effect on the general population. Only the more powerful organizations had been aware of her actions.

    However, this time, her reputation has been completely swept away! Even a three-year-old child would scorn her attitude!

    On the other hand, another sensational piece of news soon followed that. According to a few Medicine Sect disciples, the woman who had been framed by Huang Feifei was the Holy Doctor's disciple! Knowing the Holy Doctor's explosive temper, how could he condone his disciple to be bullied by others?

    A lot of people were now waiting for a good show. They wanted to know this - who was more powerful, the Holy Doctor or the Medicine Sect's Sect Master?


    "Damned girl, I had allowed you to set foot in the Medicine Sect before me and you ended up causing such a f*cking huge ruckus!"

    At this moment, Gu Ruoyun was in her room. Her eyes were closed and she was resting when she heard someone bellow loudly from outside the door. She opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows as she replied with a half smile, "Master, your old body has arrived very quickly."


    A ray of white light charged into the room, zipping towards Gu Ruoyun's face. The Holy Doctor had clearly rushed right over so he looked rather tired and was obviously worn out from his travels. His white hair was a messy and unkempt tangle, looking as if he had not combed it for a very long time.

    "Little girl, from what I've heard, not only have you crippled Elder Huang's daughter, Huang Feifei, you've also crippled one of Elder Huang's arms and forced him to write a letter of confession." The Holy Doctor glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun and his voice held hints of labored breathing, "You've certainly developed your abilities, you've even managed to turn the Medicine Sect upside down."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and replied leisurely, "They had provoked me first, I was only acting out of defense."

    "You..." Bai Zhongtian's elderly face became even more incensed, "You really can't wait for your Master at all, can you? If you had not managed to obtain the Vermillion Bird a few days ago, do you think that you would have been able to defeat that old fart, Elder Huang? What if you had been unable to injure him at all and, instead, ended up getting hurt? That old fart has always been a petty villain who would seek revenge over the smallest grievances! Would it have killed you to f*cking wait for me?"

    Bai Zhongtian was nearly mad with rage!

    He never thought that letting Gu Ruoyun arrive first would have generated such a huge ruckus.

    At the end of the day, Elder Huang was still a Martial Supreme. Even though Gu Ruoyun has a few spiritual beasts on hand for protection, what if she had been unable to release her spiritual beasts and had ended up encountering an evil scheme? Furthermore, Elder Huang was also backed by Wind Valley of the First City!

    It was a good thing that the cultivators of Wind Valley were not in the Medicine Sect at that time. Otherwise, by the time he had arrived, he might only have been able to see her corpse!

    At this moment, each time he thought of the circulating rumors, Bai Zhongtian would be filled with fear. When he had first heard the news, he had hurriedly put aside the matter that he had been handling and rushed right over! If anything were to happen to this girl, he would never be able to forgive himself.
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