Chapter 924: First City, Wind Valley (3)

    Chapter 924: First City, Wind Valley (3)

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    Though my disciple had said that this guy still has his uses which was why she had spared his life, that does not mean that I'm willing to leave it at just that!

    Elder Huang's expression has changed drastically. His eyes filled with malice as he said, "My daughter has now become a good-for-nothing thanks to your disciple and I've nearly lost an arm as well. I've kowtowed and apologized to her. I've also written a letter of confession. What more do you want?"

    Bai Zhongtian scoffed and stared arrogantly at Elder Huang, "Have you gone deaf? Did you not hear me? I'm here to cripple you!"


    Elder Huang nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. He glared fiercely at Bai Zhongtian, gritted his teeth and said, "The two of you better stop being so unsatisfied with your gains!"


    Bai Zhongtian laughed maniacally, "That matter had been previously handled by my disciple so what does it have to do with me? What does being unsatisfied with small gains even mean? This is the very first time that I've come to you to ask for payment so how is that being unsatisfied with small gains?"

    Elder Huang wanted to explode each time he saw the shameless look on that old man's face but, in the end, he decided to suppress his anger.

    He was only a low-level Martial Supreme and Bai Zhongtian was already a mid-level Martial Supreme. Even though they were only one level apart, the difference in power was like a vast gulf between them. If they were to fight, he would be of no match for the man in front of him.

    Therefore, Elder Huang took a deep breath and suppressed the anger within his heart. He then softened his tone of voice and said, "Holy Doctor, Fei'er had been in the wrong in this whole matter. I've already punished her and she knows her mistakes. Furthermore, she no longer has any powers and is now a good-for-nothing. You would refuse to spare us both?"


    Bai Zhongtian scoffed icily and a look of disdain flashed across his face, "If you have wiped the hatred from your eyes, perhaps I might even have believed your words. Unfortunately, your eyes have betrayed you! I know that you must be aching to kill me and Yun'er and I can also understand why you feel this way. However, that would first include the fact that you have any powers in the first place!"

    "Bai Zhongtian!"

    When Elder Huang realized that the old man had seen through his deepest and darkest thoughts, he no longer tried to suppress his anger and replied furiously, "Both you and your disciple have such cruel hearts, are you not afraid of retribution?"

    "Retribution?" Bai Zhongtian sneered and replied with disdain, "If I were to face retribution after crippling you, that only proves that the gods are blind! Who would want to obey such blind gods?"

    Elder Huang clenched his fist, he has already cursed Bai Zhongtian a thousand times over in his heart. Just as he was thinking of a way to escape, a soft laugh suddenly sounded. It was crystal clear like a black-naped oriole, beautiful and moving.

    "The Medicine Sect sure is bustling with noise and excitement, I wonder if I've arrived too late?"

    As the figure descended to the ground, few other figures also suddenly appeared in the sky.

    The person at the frontmost of the group was a woman who was dressed in green robes which fluttered elegantly. She held an emerald-green flute in her hand as she slowly descended from the sky. This woman in green was followed by a group of beautiful maidservants. Hence, the elderly figures amidst the beautiful maidservants was obviously very eye-catching.

    "Elder Feng!"

    Huang Chuan's eyes sparkled when he saw the grey-robed elder. He then quickly cried out, "Elder Feng, quick, come and save me!"
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