Chapter 926: First City, Wind Valley (5)

    Chapter 926: First City, Wind Valley (5)

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    Bai Zhongtian now has a very ugly look on his face and he was close to spitting fire. Gao Lin noticed the look on his face and nearly jumped in shock. He quickly grabbed Bai Zhongtian's shoulder and whispered into his ear.

    "You better hold it in for a while, the cultivators of Wind Valley are just too powerful. Besides, these people are all at the rank of a Martial Supreme and above! Even if we were to join forces, we would be no match for them. If you really want to retaliate against Elder Huang, wait for them to leave first. You need to understand that the First City has its rules and most Martial Supremes cannot leave the city so easily. These people must have their reasons for coming here but once they've left this time, it would not be so easy for them to return the next time."

    Wind Valley has sent their Martial Supremes. They could resist them for a while if they joined forces and besides, there was also the highly-abnormal Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    However, Gao Lin was right about one thing, the First City would not normally allow any Martial Saints to go out of the city so easily. This time, Feng Xiaoxiao must have gone through a lot of trouble to obtain permission. If she were to leave now, it would be unknown when she would be allowed to come out of the city again.

    Bai Zhongtian was at a loss, he was not afraid of the First City's cultivators but he was afraid of dragging Gu Ruoyun down with him! What if one of his brash moves were to drag his precious disciple down? He would regret this for the rest of his life!

    Hence, Bai Zhongtian swallowed his anger!

    I'll collect Elder Huang's debt once these people leave!

    "Eldest Lady Feng," Gao Lin smiled as he faced Feng Xiaoxiao's devastatingly beautiful face and said, "If my guess is right, you had not journeyed from the First City only for the sake of the pill formula, there should be another reason."

    If the reason had merely been because of the pill formula, there would be no need for Feng Xiaoxiao to make a personal appearance. She only needed to send Wind Valley's physician instead of making the extra trip herself.

    So, she must have made this journey because she had a more important matter at hand.

    "Sect Master Gao, it goes without saying that you are indeed very astute." Feng Xiaoxiao smiled, "Aside from the pill formula, my trip from the First City has other objectives but this matter does not concern the Medicine Sect. There's no need to trouble yourself."

    I had gone through great trouble this time to obtain the permission to leave the First City! Would I have done this solely for the sake of a pill formula? Definitely not!

    It was just as Gao Lin had said, if this were purely for the sake of the pill formula, as the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley, she need not make the trip personally.

    "May I then be so bold as to ask, Lady Feng, what are your objectives for this trip? If we don't fully understand the truth, I'm afraid that a lot of people would feel unsettled." Though Gao Lin was afraid of Wind Valley's power, he had voiced his suspicions anyway.

    Since Feng Xiaoxiao had personally made the trip out of the First City, the entire mainland would feel very uncomfortable once this gets out.


    Elder Feng's expression sank instantly and he shot a sharp glare at Gao Lin, "This is not a question for you to ask, you will suffer a great calamity if you continue to question us!"

    "Elder Feng," Feng Xiaoxiao waved her hand and stopped Elder Feng's sharp bellows. She then slowly turned her beautiful eyes towards Gao Lin and replied with a smile, "This isn't exactly a secret, I've left the First City to look for someone."

    "To look for someone?"

    Gao Lin was stunned. However, he felt a little more assured upon hearing Feng Xiaoxiao's explanation.

    "That's right. To look for someone."

    Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes were distracted as her heart clouded with sadness and the smile on her lips was tinged with a bitter taste.

    Am I truly not outstanding enough? Otherwise, why had I been unable to behold that man's gaze? Furthermore, he has never even bothered to look at me at all. Nevertheless, I'm not asking for much, I only wish to stay by his side.

    I'm afraid... That he doesn't love me.
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