Chapter 927: First City, Wind Valley (6)

    Chapter 927: First City, Wind Valley (6)

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    "You're saying that Wind Valley's Feng Xiaoxiao has arrived?"

    Meanwhile, in one of the Medicine Sect's guest rooms, that man has draped himself indolently across his chair. No one could tell what he was thinking. After a long pause, an evil smiled crept up upon his peerless visage. His peach blossom eyes then glimmered with an attractive smile.

    When the sword-wielding maidservant heard the impish man's question, she joined her fists together and bowed respectfully as she replied, "In response to your question, Young Master, according to Feng Xiaoxiao herself, she has journeyed here to look for someone."

    "Look for someone?" Zuo Shangchen gently raised his brow. A peculiar light then flashed across his eyes, "Did she say who she's looking for?"

    "She did not mention that."

    The gorgeous maidservant lowered her head and replied respectfully.

    "Since Feng Xiaoxiao has arrived, I won't be able to make an appearance for the time being. Otherwise, she would definitely expose my true identity and Xiao Yun'er can't know about this for now." A light flickered in Zuo Shangchen's eyes but his thoughts were hidden from the world. After an immeasurable amount of time, he continued to speak indolently and gave his orders, "I want you to gather a few others and keep a watch Feng Xiaoxiao. If she helps the Huang father and daughter pair to cause more trouble for Xiao Yun'er, her position as the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley will be at an end! However, the fact that Feng Xiaoxiao has been able to rise above the rest in the First City implies that she may not be as stupid as most people are."

    Feng Xiaoxiao may be of the fairer sex but she has been able to surpass her older brother to become Wind Valley's heir. How could she have been conferred with the title of the Young Valley Lord if she does not have a few tricks up her sleeve? Hence, Zuo Shangchen believes that Feng Xiaoxiao would never stand up for the lone Elder Huang.

    Besides, to Wind Valley, Elder Huang's existence was considered to be dispensable.

    "Your wish is my command."

    The gorgeous maidservant joined her fists, bowed, and retreated upon receiving her orders. She soon disappeared from Zuo Shangchen's peach blossom gaze.

    Zuo Shangchen's evil smile slowly vanished as he watched the maidservant disappear. A stern expression took its place.

    "Feng Xiaoxiao, I hope that you won't do anything to harm her. Otherwise, the entire Wind Valley will cease to exist in the First City."


    Elder Huang was bowing humbly in a luxurious and exquisite bedchamber at the elder's courtyard. His stance was about as low as the dust on the ground and his face filled with flattery as he spoke, "Eldest Lady Feng, Elder Feng, you're finally here! I've been awaiting your arrival."

    Feng Xiaoxiao was seated on the highest chair. She gently raised the teacup in her hand and took a small sip. She then put the cup down and swept her gaze across Elder Huang's face which was filled with flattery. Finally, she mildly furrowed her pretty, willowy brows.

    "I've heard stories regarding everything you've done these past few days and it goes without saying that you're truly an idiot! You had tried to frame someone and, what's even worse, planted false accusations when others already have proof of their innocence. How could you be capable of doing such a thing? Furthermore, you had not accepted your loss in the wager and had flown into a rage out of humiliation, threatening to murder someone. Elder Huang, you've been alive for so many years but why is your brain still so stupid?"

    Her words made Elder Huang so ashamed that he could not show his face. He did not dare to show any form of dissatisfaction so he could only reply with a pitiful look on his face, "Eldest Lady Feng, despite my many mistakes, I am still a subordinate of Wind Valley. I've always had Wind Valley's best interests in mind so when the Medicine Sect had obtained the pill formula, I had sent word to Wind Valley immediately. However, I did not expect for someone to attack me after they had discovered my connection with the members of Wind Valley. This was clearly an act of disrespect towards Wind Valley."
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