Chapter 928: First City, Wind Valley (7)

    Chapter 928: First City, Wind Valley (7)

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    "That's enough." Feng Xiaoxiao's finger gently stroked the jade cup as her lips curled into a small smile, "You're only saying these things so that Wind Valley could avenge you! However, you had clearly behaved unreasonably in that matter so how am I supposed to avenge you? Don't ever bring this matter up again, I won't involve myself in your grudges! Furthermore..."

    She paused and a hint of contempt laced her smile as she continued in a casual manner, "Subordinate? Hehe. Honestly speaking, you're not worthy of the word! Even without you, I have tens of thousands of people willing to carry out tasks for Wind Valley so don't be mistaken that we cannot function without you! There's one more thing, there has been no lack of your use of Wind Valley's name in carrying out other matters! Whatever you do on the outside has nothing to do with us. However, whatever you do, you should never have ruined Wind Valley's good name!"

    Huang Chuan's expression changed drastically but he did not dare to speak. Nevertheless, his heart could not accept this at all. Could it be that he, an elder of the Medicine Sect, has fallen head-first into the hands of a little girl?


    Sooner or later, I'll reclaim this battlefield!

    "I'm tired," Feng Xiaoxiao furrowed her willowy brows but her eyes were emotionless, "Elder Feng, send our guest away."

    "Yes, Eldest Lady."

    Elder Feng joined his fists and bowed. He then turned towards Elder Huang with a hollow gaze and said, "Let's go."

    Huang Chuan gaped and hesitated, wondering if he should speak or not. However, he chose to leave in the end when he saw the impatient look on Feng Xiaoxiao's face. Still, just because Feng Xiaoxiao did not support him does not mean that he has no other way of finding a strong and powerful backer!

    Outside the room, Elder Feng paused in his steps and slowly swept his icy gaze across Huang Chuan's face. His tone was condescending and emotionless, "Huang Chuan, you have indeed crossed the line this time. The Eldest Lady has been thoroughly angered so you best take care of yourself from now on!"

    "Elder Feng," Huang Chuan looked thoroughly unsatisfied and implored in a pitiful manner, "Are really going to let these people off? That woman had the audacity to attack me in this manner despite knowing that I'm a member of Wind Valley. She clearly has no respect for Wind Valley's name! Furthermore, she has also claimed that Wind Valley is no match for her!"

    Elder Feng may be a proud person but it does not mean that he lacked intellect. He would have wasted all the years he has spent in the world if he had blindly trusted Huang Chuan's words just like that.

    "Huang Chuan, Wind Valley will not involve itself in your grudges with others. However, I can help you to improve your situation."

    Though Elder Feng may not fully believe Elder Huang's story, that does not mean that he condones Gu Ruoyun's attitude.

    Even though Wind Valley places no great importance on Huang Chuan, Huang Chuan had been carrying out tasks in Wind Valley's name. There was a saying which goes: 'when beating a dog, one should consider its master'. Even though Huang Chuan was only their slave, they would not allow others to bully and humiliate him in that manner!

    As a cultivator of Wind Valley, they need to take care of their dignity. Huang Chuan had behaved without courtesy first so if Wind Valley was to help him in his grudge, they would draw immediately gossip. Those people from the First City would never permit them to do so either.

    "This is a Holy Extension Fruit," Elder Feng glanced at Huang Chuan as he produced a white colored fruit from his sleeve, "Swallow this Holy Extension Fruit and you would be able to instantly break through to the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme! However, this Holy Extension Fruit has great repercussions as well! After consuming it, you will never be able to make any more gains in your cultivation for the rest of your life. This also means that no matter how hard you work in this lifetime, you would never be able to break through again."
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