Chapter 932: A Martial Supreme Breakthrough (2)

    Chapter 932: A Martial Supreme Breakthrough (2)

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    "You are only bits of energy which were once a part of him. Without him, how could you have come into existence? Now, you're taking advantage of him for not being fully grown to bite back at him? Since that's the case, you should at least ask me for my permission!"

    "Get back!"


    The wave of energy from the power source weakened once again. The power source seemed to sense that its own powers were diminishing and began to panic. It grew even more unstable as it desperately continued to attack Zixie's body and tried to escape from him!

    Meanwhile, the light within Gu Ruoyun's body continued to grow and a powerful hurricane began circling around her. Because she was going through a breakthrough in the Ancient Divine Pagoda, the energy that would alert others of a Martial Supreme's breakthrough did not appear.

    That was right!

    After Gu Ruoyun had forcibly absorbed the power source's energy, she then experienced a breakthrough in her powers! She has just burst into the rank of a low-level Martial Supreme so it was a huge leap in power for her.

    "This... What is this?" Yunyao was shocked as she stared dazedly at Gu Ruoyun who had just undergone a breakthrough. Her mind could not process this at the moment and she simply could not understand the situation. Was her Master not helping Zixie seal his power? How has she experienced a breakthrough instead?

    "Holy sh*t!"

    Little Vermillion Bird, who had been sitting on the medicine cauldron, jumped off from the cauldron's lid when she saw Gu Ruoyun's progress. Her cherubic features were filled with shock and she began to curse not too long after that.

    "Madness! This person is insane! Based on her level of power then, she had not been able to seal the power source so she had absorbed part of it! Even if Leader Zixie was her Master 1  , she's risking way too much!"

    To absorb someone else's power? The consequence of this is more than being rendered an idiot, she could have died from an inner explosion!

    Yet, she would take such a great risk?

    Does this fellow have a death wish?

    Frankly speaking, Gu Ruoyun was not aware of this matter. She kept her eyes trained on the weakened power source and soon, a smile appeared on her pretty and delicate features.

    "Trying to escape? You're going to stay here obediently and wait until you merge back into Zixie."


    As she spoke, Gu Ruoyun put her palms together and a wave of energy instantly locked the power source. Very soon, the initially chaotic and clashing energy fluctuations gradually stopped and quietly stayed within Zixie's body.

    "While I've now sealed one wave of energy, there are still numerous energy waves that can't be sealed." Gu Ruoyun frowned as she stared at the remaining clashing waves of energy. Her features slowly grew somber as she pondered, "Based on the condition of my body, I shouldn't continue to absorb any more energy. Otherwise, I won't be able to withstand the power from the power source! When that happens, if I die, I wouldn't be able to help Zixie at all."

    "Perhaps..." Gu Ruoyun's eyes suddenly lit up, "I can direct this power source to the other spiritual beasts. This way, not only will their powers receive an upgrade, it would lessen the dangers for Zixie."

    It had indeed been a huge risk for her to decide and absorb the power source's energy. She had not known if she would be able to absorb it but in order to prevent the power source from continuing to damage Zixie's body, she had taken that risk.

    The result shows that she had chosen the right method!

    Since she had been able to absorb the power source, this proves that the power source was a masterless entity at this moment. It was an untethered energy which was running afoul so the other spiritual beasts should be able to absorb it as well.
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