Chapter 935: The General Meeting Begins (2)

    Chapter 935: The General Meeting Begins (2)

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    "Sect Master," Huang Chuan glanced at Gao Lin and his face filled with arrogance as he said, "May we begin the general meeting now?"

    Gao Lin's expression was slightly unsightly but he ignored Huang Chuan's provocation. His gaze was full of anxiety as he looked into the distance with a concerned expression. He was unsure what had happened to the Holy Doctor; it was already midday and that man still has not arrived!

    "Let's wait a little longer."


    Huang Chuan scoffed and shot Gao Lin an ugly look. His face was filled with scorn as he said, "Don't forget that other than a few physicians who have made the trip to the Medicine Sect, the cultivators of Wind Valley are here as well. Do you actually want to make the cultivators of Wind Valley wait?"

    Gao Lin's expression sank. He glanced at the ugly look on Elder Feng's face and his heart thumped immediately.

    If this had been anyone else, he would still be able to delay the meeting with his authority as the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect. However, Wind Valley was far too powerful and if he were to let them wait any longer, he was afraid that...

    Just as Gao Lin was becoming increasingly more anxious, a few figures finally arrived and sauntered in slowly. When he saw the old man's familiar face, his heart began to relax and he sighed with relief, "Since that's the case, let's begin the general meeting!"


    Huang Chuan also noticed the arrival of Gu Ruoyun and her Master. His expression sank as he scoffed and turned around while his eyes filled with malice.

    After a long pause, he hardened his elderly features and spoke eerily, "Before we begin the Medicine Sect's general meeting, there's something that I want to say!"

    "What is it?" Gao Lin furrowed his brows as he glanced at Huang Chuan and wondered what sort of commotion that old man was about to pull at a time like this.

    "Hehe," Huang Chuan laughed icily and his venomous glare was like that of a poisonous snake's as it enveloping Gao Lin fixedly, "I don't think that you are suited for the Sect Master's position in the Medicine Sect any longer."

    Gao Lin's expression sank while his eyes hid a brewing storm.

    The initially bustling plaza was silenced by this declaration. All eyes turned in uniformity towards Huang Chuan as their gazes filled with shock. No one ever thought that Elder Huang would say such a thing in front of the great cultivators of the mainland!

    "What did you say?" Gao Lin's questioned in a low voice, the hoarse sound in his throat made it difficult to hear any other emotion. His expression has turned exceptionally ashen as he glared icily at Huang Chuan's arrogant face, "Are you saying that I'm not fit to be the Medicine Sect's Sect Master? Then who is?"

    Huang Chuan smiled arrogantly as he took one step forward, raised his chin and replied with a single word, "Me!"


    The crowd dove into a sensation. Initially, they had stared at Huang Chuan in shock but their gazes slowly became filled with a thick sense of disdain as well. However, because the Wind Valley cultivators were present, no one stepped out to speak though they were glaring contemptuously at Huang Chuan.

    Gu Ruoyun curled her lips and turned her attention to the Eldest Lady of Wind Valley who was seated at the side of the plaza. A light flashed in her eyes.

    Even after hearing Huang Chuan's declaration, Feng Xiaoxiao still remained smiling like a breeze in a clear sky as if this matter does not concern her at all.

    However, Gu Ruoyun knows that if Huang Chuan had not obtained Wind Valley's support, he would not possibly have had the courage to say such things.

    It looks like Feng Xiaoxiao is not so simple at all!  Gu Ruoyun lifted her lips into a smile and soon turned away.

    Even though she had never met Feng Xiaoxiao before, her Master had described her to Gu Ruoyun as they were headed to the Medicine Sect. The fact that Feng Xiaoxiao had been able to overthrow Wind Valley's Lord's son and become the Young Valley Lord proves that she certainly has a strategic mindset!
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