Chapter 937: The General Meeting Begins (4)

    Chapter 937: The General Meeting Begins (4)

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    Just as Huang Chuan made his declaration, a burst of laughter could be heard. Gao Lin suppressed his rage and showed a cold smile on his face, "You? Are you sure that your qualifications are enough to gain you the Sect Master's position in the Medicine Sect? Elder Huang, you think too highly of yourself! Today, I'd like to see how you plan to push me out of my position as the Sect Master."

    Huang Chuan's eyes gradually filled with disdain. He then spoke in a tone completely devoid of courtesy, "Alright, I'll prove my capabilities to you right now! I wonder how many elders would like me to take charge of the Medicine Sect?"

    Hearing this, Gao Lin laughed icily again. However, before he could finish his laugh, his elderly face suddenly froze in shock.

    An elder had stepped forward and was making his way towards Huang Chuan. The elder had looked ashamed and uneasy at first but his expression was soon replaced with a sense of determination. A good number of elders then followed him as well and headed towards Huang Chuan. All of their expressions were similar to the first elder's, their faces were clouded by a layer of guilt.

    "You... All of you..."

    Gao Lin's face was now full of rage. He never thought that this would happen. When had Huang Chuan managed to bribe so many of the Medicine Sect's elders?

    Somehow, he had always been kept in the dark.

    "Elder Tian, Elder Qing, what are you doing?" Lin Yang was enraged. He stepped up beside Gao Lin and stared at the elders who had stepped out with an ashen face, "Have you all forgotten who was the one who had supported you to your current stage? And you're all treating the Sect Master with such blatant ungratefulness now?"

    The one who had been addressed as Elder Qing laughed coldly as the guilty look on his face vanished into thin air, followed by Lin Yang's words.

    "I just think that Elder Huang... Ah no, Sect Master Huang is more qualified for this position! Gao Lin has been shielding an outsider so protectively, what right does he have to remain as the Sect Master?"

    This was definitely not the truth!

    The reason why so many elders have turned traitor was because Elder Huang has given them a promise. He promised them that as long as he was elected as the Sect Master, he would ensure that they would all breakthrough to the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme!

    To become a high-level Martial Supreme was a dream held by all on the mainland!

    When they witnessed Huang Chuan's breakthrough to a high-level Martial Supreme in a single night, they had all believed in his words!

    Of course, these elders were completely unaware that Huang Chuan would never honor his promise! After all, the reason why he had been able to achieve a breakthrough was because he had received help from Wind Valley. However, Wind Valley would never be so kind to help every elder in the Medicine Sect achieve their breakthroughs!

    "Elder Qing, the previous matter was initially Huang Chuan's fault. The Sect Master had sided with reason, not favor!" Lin Yang laughed frostily as his eyes filled with sarcasm, "Yet, in the end, not one of us would have thought that you would all be so unreasonable. I really don't know what benefits Huang Chuan has given you to entice you to side with him."

    Huang Chuan has indeed given them benefits but no one would ever admit to that.

    "Benefits?" Elder Qing curtly replied, "Do you think that everyone is as selfish as the Sect Master? He's only helping Gu Ruoyun because the Holy Doctor has given him benefits! A Sect Master who punishes an elder of the Medicine Sect for the sake of profit is beneath our dignity! I believe that only Sect Master Huang is fit for the position of Sect Master. At the same time, he is the only one who deserves our loyalty!"

    At this moment, Gao Lin was shaking with anger and his expression was filled with rage. Just then, he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard Bai Zhongtian's consoling voice in his ear.

    "You should rejoice for having the opportunity to see their true colors. After this, you may do a bit a spring cleaning in the Medicine Sect."

    Gao Lin's initially furious elderly features became steadier when he heard those words.

    The Holy Doctor is right, I should rejoice for having the opportunity to see their true colors in case they end up selling out the Medicine Sect for a bit of profit in the future and I might not even be aware of it.

    "Indeed, it's time to clean up the Medicine Sect now."
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