Chapter 938: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (1)

    Chapter 938: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (1)

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    Gao Lin sighed and looked very disappointed. Perhaps even he could never have imagined that so many elders would betray him for the sake of personal gain!

    "Hahaha!" Huang Chuan laughed maniacally, "Gao Lin, do you really think that you'll have the chance? From now on, I'm the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect! Anyone who opposes my orders will be killed mercilessly!"

    The entire plaza fell silent as he mentioned the words 'killed mercilessly'. The crowd stopped their debates as they turned to look at Huang Chuan in unison.

    After all, no one expected such a huge incident to happen on the first day of the Medicine Sect's general meeting!


    Gao Lin scoffed coldly and took two steps forward. His eyes glared at Huang Chuan icily as he said, "That would depend on whether you have the ability!"


    As he spoke, his mid-level Martial Supreme aura exploded from within his being and whirled towards Huang Chuan, carrying a stern fluctuation! However, upon sensing the terrifying power, Huang Chuan sneered instead and looked as if it did not bother him at all.

    "A mid-level Martial Supreme? Hehe, Gao Lin, from this moment on, your time as the previous Sect Master is up! If you had obediently given me this position, perhaps I would have granted you an easy death! Yet, unexpectedly, you still stubbornly wished to oppose me. Since that's the case, don't blame me for my inconsideration towards our past camaraderie!"

    Everyone was shocked. It was common knowledge that Huang Chuan was only a low-level Martial Supreme. What right does he have to make such a bold statement?

    However, they soon discovered the answer!

    Just as the aura was whirling towards Huang Chuan, the latter's body released an explosion of powerful energy. That energy, when compared to Gao Lin's, was certainly much more powerful. There was the sound of a loud bang as all of Gao Lin's energy abruptly disappeared. He stumbled backward, completely stunned.

    Several others went into a daze as well as they stared at Huang Chuan in disbelief.

    If our memory is correct, Huang Chuan had only been a low-level Martial Supreme a few days ago. The crowd thought in unison.

    How has he been able to breakthrough to a high-level Martial Supreme in just a few days?

    This was not logical at all!

    "A high-level Martial Supreme?" Gao Lin's expression changed drastically. He then took a deep breath to suppress his extreme fury. His eyes, which were full of rage, glared fixedly at the arrogant-looking Huang Chuan as he said, "How could you have possibly reached the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme?"


    Huang Chuan sneered and surveyed Gao Lin in front of him with a disdainful stare. He then replied in a voice filled with contempt, "Sect Master, you were once the number one cultivator in the Medicine Sect but this position now belongs to me! You've seen my power and if you choose to continue opposing me... Well, you know the consequences!"

    Gao Lin clenched his fists tightly and his eyes were full of hatred. However, at this moment, he felt as if he was truly powerless! After all, once a person has reached the rank of a Martial Supreme, a single level of difference meant a vast level of difference in power!

    However, he simply could not understand how Huang Chuan had managed to breakthrough two levels in succession in the span of a few short days.

    Could it be...

    Suddenly, Gao Lin seems to have thought of something and his eyes shot towards Wind Valley's group!

    Aside from Wind Valley, he would really like to find out the person who would have such a great ability to help Huang Chuan in his breakthrough. Since Wind Valley was hindered by a rule which prevents them from taking any action against forces outside of the First City, they had still been able to use this method to help Huang Chuan!

    Just as Gao Lin's heart was slowly sinking into an all-time low, a sneering voice sounded from the sides, "Did you think that you're the only high-level Martial Supreme here?"
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