Chapter 940: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (3)

    Chapter 940: A Duel Between Spiritual Beasts (3)

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    That year, the Lin family had been punished severely by the First City due to that incident! This gave way to an intense hatred they had towards Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    Feng Xiaoxiao smiled and shook her head, "Elder Feng, your way of thinking is wrong. Those ten Martial Saints may not have been very powerful, they were still Martial Saints! He had been able to escape from ten Martial Saints who had surrounded him and even managed to kill one. If it had been you instead, would you have been able to do it? However, I'm certainly very curious as to the kind of person he is. If fate permits it, I'd like to meet him."

    A figure appeared in Feng Xiaoxiao's mind once she said her piece and her eyes displayed a hint of absentmindedness.

    I wonder where he is now?


    Huang Chuan did not hear Feng Xiaoxiao and Elder Feng's conversation. He was still filled with the joy of being able to kill Bai Zhongtian. He burst into laughter but that laughter soon came to a halt. His laughter had stopped so suddenly that he nearly stopped breathing and his expression turned absolutely ashen.

    "How could this be?"

    He widened his eyes and he could not help but tremble as he stared at the scene before him.

    When the dust had cleared, all he saw was a distinct gash created by the aura's blade but Bai Zhongtian was nowhere to be seen!

    I clearly remember slashing him so where is he?

    Suddenly, a chill crept up from behind him. He quickly turned around but an elderly hand had reached out to land fiercely on his chest. Huang Chuan had let his guard down completely and with a loud bang, his body was sent flying out of the way before falling straight into the crowd.

    "Huang Chuan, do you think that you can hurt me based on your abilities? Didn't I just say that you're not the only high-level Martial Supreme here? A few days ago, I had intended to have you killed in order to avenge my disciple! Now, you've given me the chance to do so. If I waste it, I won't be able to face my precious disciple."

    The corner of Gu Ruoyun's eye began to twitch as she stared at the furious look on Bai Zhongtian's face. Her heart was filled with warmth. This fellow may have an explosive temper but he loves her deeply. When it comes to his words, she would have to accept whatever he said no matter how severe his scolding was! However, no one else was allowed to say anything against her! Otherwise, this old fellow would charge head-on and take that person's life!

    As for Huang Chuan...

    She had never paid any attention to him from the beginning. If Bai Zhongtian wishes to destroy him, he was welcome to do it any time!

    "A high-level Martial Supreme? The Holy Doctor has also broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme?"

    Upon sensing the current measure of Bai Zhongtian's power, whispers of shock coursed through the entire crowd.

    "I never thought that you, old geezer, would have reached this stage first in the end." Gao Lin stepped forward and patted Bai Zhongtian on the shoulder. His face was filled with sincerity as he spoke, "It seems that the registry of Martial Supremes on the mainland will need to go through some revisions."

    Previously, even though Bai Zhongtian and Gao Lin were both high-level Martial Supremes, if the two were to fight, Bai Zhongtian's powers would still be slightly inferior to Gao Lin's. Unexpectedly, Bai Zhongtian, who had been originally incapable of defeating Gao Lin, would become a high-level Martial Supreme first.

    "Hehe, I had better luck, I managed to break through before I arrived at the Medicine Sect." Bai Zhongtian raised his brows complacently before he returned his attention to Huang Chuan, "Huang Chuan, you've utilized external means to induce your breakthrough. No matter how you compare it, it would never be as good as my breakthrough which had been achieved through my own hard work! So, if you plan on killing me, I'm afraid that you don't have the ability!"

    Huang Chuan emerged from his initial astonishment and sneered. His laughter was rife with contempt and disdain. He then slowly rose to his feet, raised his chin, and stared arrogantly down at Bai Zhongtian.
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