Chapter 943: Elder Feng Vomits Blood (2)

    Chapter 943: Elder Feng Vomits Blood (2)

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    The Firebird's expression was filled with terror as if the harmless-looking little lolita was some sort of horrifying monster.

    "Hmph," Huang Chuan scoffed icily and was entirely unbothered, "Your words are useless now. Huo'er, you've been starving for so long, you may now feast on this fellow!"

    Hearing this, the little lolita clicked her tongue as she stared down at the cowering Firebird, "While it wasn't your destiny to become a Martial Saint, you've managed to reach the rank of a Semi-Saint after all. How could you feel satisfied listening to a human's every order? You've even been given such a clichéd name."

    The Firebird trembled and nearly fell to the ground. It stared in terror at the little lolita in the air but did not dare to say a single word, afraid that if it would provoke this demon if it were to say something wrong.

    However, it was innocent as well. It had been kidnapped by the members of Wind Valley and if it defied their orders, they would torture it! They would also murder its clan! It had no choice but to follow Wind Valley's orders!

    "How about this, since you're a spiritual beast, I'll give you one chance to change your loyalty. As long as you're willing to pledge your loyalty to me, I will allow fire-elemental spiritual beasts to have a supreme existence!"

    If this promise had come from anyone else, Huo'er might not have believed it. Then again, who was the Divine Beast, the Vermillion Bird? She was a member of the Four Divine Beasts! Furthermore, she was their ancestor! The ultimate sovereign whom they would pledge their loyalty to!

    Therefore, when it heard her words, Huo'er snarled and turned around before charging towards Huang Chuan.


    Huang Chuan laughed and spoke in a voice filled with disdain, "Who do you think you are to try to give orders to Huo'er? You..."

    Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly stopped speaking. His expression then turned pale in an instant and his eyes widened in terror.

    Huo'er, who had been standing right next to him, was charging towards him at top speed. It then shot a mouthful of flames at him. His robes were immediately burnt to ashes and his entire body was blackened as if he had been struck by lightning.

    As if they had been struck by a bolt of lightning themselves, everyone was rendered completely dumbfounded.

    They could not understand why the Firebird had defected on its owner? Could it be...

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    At that moment, all eyes turned in unison to look at the little lolita dressed in red. Their hearts filled with shock.

    If our guess was right, the Firebird had changed sides because of what she had said!  They thought in unison.

    Who was this little girl? How did she manage to convince the Firebird to turn against Huang Chuan?


    Elder Feng rose abruptly as he fixed his eyes upon the little lolita. His gaze was icy and fierce.

    "Huo'er was not the strongest in the Firebird clan and it would never be able to break through to become a Martial Saint! That was why I had given it as a gift to Huang Chuan! Even so, it should not struggle as it was a Semi-Saint! How is a little girl able to convince it to betray its master almost instantly and that it would even neglect its own kind?"

    Fire-elemental spiritual beasts would never betray Wind Valley!

    This was a fact that everyone in Wind Valley strongly believes in!

    Their belief was rooted in the fact that many of the fire-elemental spiritual beasts' clan members were being imprisoned by Wind Valley. Fire-elemental spiritual beasts have always been united and valued their relationship with each other. They had no choice but to pledge loyalty to Wind Valley for the sake of their clan members' lives.

    When Elder Feng saw that Huo'er was about to finish Huang Chuan, he could no longer sit still and do nothing. He immediately threw himself forward and leaped into the air, landing in front of the Firebird. With a loud bang, his fist landed fiercely on the Firebird's body, sending it flying out of the way!
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