Chapter 944: Elder Feng Vomits Blood (3)

    Chapter 944: Elder Feng Vomits Blood (3)

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    However, Elder Feng did not say anything to the Firebird. He only stared maliciously at it to express his dissatisfaction towards its behavior.

    "Little girl," Elder Feng quickly turned away and fixed his gaze on Gu Ruoyun, "Anyone can make mistakes so forgive them whenever its possible! Regardless of how many sins Elder Huang has committed, one should not threaten another's life so casually! Why don't we forget about this on account of Wind Valley's reputation? How about it?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and swept her gaze across the ugly look on Elder Feng's face. She then raised her brows and said, "Previously, when Elder Huang had tried to take over the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect's position and had tried to harm others, why had you not stopped him?"

    Elder Feng's expression changed drastically and he silently hurled curses at Huang Chuan in his heart!

    This useless thing can't do anything right. In the end, I had to step in!

    "Little girl, Huang Chuan is a member of Wind Valley so I have to protect him!" Elder Feng did not make any excuses for himself and spoke in a practical and realistic manner, "Is it alright if I explain it this way?"

    He had not given a huge speech on morality and only mentioned that Elder Huang was a member of Wind Valley so he, as an elder of Wind Valley, had to step out to protect him! Otherwise, if Huang Chuan were to be murdered in the presence of Wind Valley's members, Wind Valley would be humiliated if this gets back to the First City!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly, "What you're saying is that if Wind Valley's members commit a crime, they should receive protection? Whereas everyone else deserves to die?"

    Elder Feng's elderly features instantly sank. Even though the Eldest Lady has placed great value on this little girl, she has yet to reach her full potential. It would be too easy to kill her off now, knowing the great power that Wind Valley holds.

    He also believes that Gu Ruoyun was well aware of this fact.

    Nevertheless, she still insists on being so stubborn?

    "Little girl, I really admire your capability and I can tell that your spiritual beast's power is not as simple as it looks to be able to command a Semi-Saint spiritual beast! However, compared to Wind Valley's power, there's a vast difference in power. Let me tell you one thing, on this mainland, those with an iron fist have command over reason! Only those with an iron fist have the right to speak! Regardless of how many sins Huang Chuan has committed, he is still associated with Wind Valley's reputation! If he dies, wouldn't Wind Valley become the laughing-stock for our inability to protect him?"

    Elder Feng's eyes darted back and forth as he continued to speak, "Of course, it's not that you can't kill him. If you kill him, you must repay Wind Valley with another! If you're willing to pledge your loyalty to Wind Valley, you can do whatever you wish to him and I won't stand up for him anymore."

    Actually, Elder Feng's reason for stepping out was obvious.

    He wanted to entice Gu Ruoyun!

    Even though Feng Xiaoxiao had already told him that Gu Ruoyun was not someone who could be easily controlled, he wanted to give it a try for the sake of Wind Valley! After all, Wind City does not hold a very favorable situation in the First City. Now that they have met with a genius like this, he must at least give it a try!

    "Elder Feng!"

    Huang Chuan, who had thought that his life had been assured, had begun to sigh incessantly. However, he never expected to hear the second half of Elder Feng's words. It made his expression change instantly and his heart immediately sank to an all-time low.

    Everyone else could not help but shake their heads and sigh. Based on their observation, Gu Ruoyun would certainly choose to enter Wind Valley!

    Simply because the allure of the First City was too great!

    She would become the only genius to enter the First City before breaking through to the rank of a Martial Saint!

    "My apologies."

    Under the crowd's envious stares, Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she calmly replied, "I don't wish to enter any organizations nor do I wish to serve anyone. I can only reject Wind Valley's invitation."
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