Chapter 946: The Vermillion Birds Cruelty (1)

    Chapter 946: The Vermillion Bird's Cruelty (1)

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    "Since Miss Gu has taken a liking to this spiritual beast, it shall be a gift from Wind Valley to you."

    Feng Xiaoxiao smiled mildly and replied in a breezy voice.

    She had given this Semi-Saint spiritual beast away to Gu Ruoyun without even blinking as if was not even worth mentioning to her.

    "Eldest Lady..." Elder Feng's expression changed twice. He tried to speak but after taking one look at the expression in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes, he then swallowed his words.

    Why was Wind Valley's spiritual beast in Huang Chuan's hands? Should they tell the world that it was Elder Feng who had loaned it to Huang Chuan in order to help him usurp the Medicine Sect's Sect Master's position? If word of this gets out, it would garner great dissatisfaction amongst many towards Wind Valley!

    So, when Gu Ruoyun had made up an excuse to free Wind Valley from this responsibility, Feng Xiaoxiao had decided to go along with it! 1

    As for the Semi-Saint spiritual beast, it was nothing to an organization like Wind Valley. If gifting one Semi-Sanit spiritual beast would free Wind Valley from negative public opinion, it was a good bargain to them.

    Feng Xiaoxiao glanced at Gu Ruoyun at the thought of this and a somber look appeared in her sunken gaze. Her thoughts were a mystery from the world, no one could tell what she was thinking.

    "You're spouting garbage!"

    Huang Chuan was enraged. He glared at Gu Ruoyun and said, "Elder Feng had clearly given this spiritual beast to me yet you're saying that I had stolen it from Wind Valley? That is simply venomous slander. Elder Feng, Eldest Lady, you must give me justice!"

    "Shut your mouth!"

    Elder Feng understood Feng Xiaoxiao's intentions in an instant but when he heard Huang Chuan's brainless declaration, he turned a gloomy gaze towards him, "Huang Chuan, how dare you! You had dared to steal Wind Valley's property yet you still have to audacity to quibble? From now on, you, Huang Chuan, are no longer a member of Wind Valley. Whether you live or die has nothing to do with Wind Valley any longer!"


    Huang Chuan's mind turned completely blank as if he had been struck by lightning. He stumbled back as his entire being lost all strength as if he was collapsing from exhaustion.

    He never expected that at the end of the day, Wind Valley would make such a decision.

    "I never thought that an elder of the Medicine Sect would turn out to be a thief! He would even steal Wind Valley's property."

    "Tsk, tsk. You did not consider Huang Chuan's personality. Was he a good person? I believe that there's nothing he won't do to get ahead. Not only did he steal Wind Valley's spiritual beast, he had tried to seize power as well."

    The crowd shook their heads and sighed as they stared at Huang Chuan with looks of disdain.

    Of course, they only needed to poke their brains a little to realize that this matter was definitely connected to Wind Valley in some way. After all, this was a Semi-Saint fire-elemental spiritual beast. How could Huang Chuan possibly have the ability to steal it?

    However, they would not even mention this even if they have thought of it! There were some things that should be kept to themselves.

    The elders who had stood up in support of Huang Chuan glanced at one another as they witnessed the scene and tried to slip away. However, at that very moment, the little lolita in midair noticed the restless group and her adorable doll-like face lit up with an evil smile.

    "Trying to escape? Have you asked for my permission?"


    Instantly, a wall of fire rose around the elders, completely trapping the old men who had been trying to steal away. As they stared at the raging wall of flames, the elders finally displayed a sense of terror on their faces.

    "Sect Master."

    When they realized that there was no escape, one of the elders turned towards Gao Lin and fell on his knees to the ground with a loud thud. Tears streamed down from his elderly eyes as he pleaded, "We had all been bewitched by Huang Chuan which was why we had committed such a seditious act. Please spare our lives on account that this was our first offense."
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