Chapter 948: The Vermillion Birds Cruelty (3)

    Chapter 948: The Vermillion Bird's Cruelty (3)

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    "Ahem," Gao Lin cleared his throat as he glanced over at Huang Chuan, whose voice was being slowly silenced under the elders' torture. He then turned away before he spoke calmly, "Everyone, welcome to the Medicine Sect's general meeting. However, I never expected anything like this to happen at the start of the general meeting! This is definitely due to a lack of discipline in the Medicine Sect! However, the Medicine Sect will certainly not postpone the general meeting just because of this! I will now bring out the pill formula so that all the esteemed doctors may investigate!"

    The crowd sighed with relief as he spoke. They had been worried that the general meeting would be postponed because of Huang Chuan's actions. It was a good thing that this did not happen.

    Even the cultivators from Wind Valley could not help but feel more vigorous as they fixed their attention on Gao Lin.

    The crowd watched as Gao Lin took out a piece of parchment from his lapel. The parchment's texture was a little yellowed and it clearly had a few good generations on it. Everyone felt as if it would tear at the slightest touch.

    Gao Lin's hand was trembling slightly. After all, he was holding an ancient pill formula. If he accidentally tore the paper, he might be labeled as a criminal on the mainland!

    "Everyone, I've sure that you've all been aware of the developments regarding this situation prior to your arrival. Not too long ago, the Medicine Sect had gone to investigate an ancient ruin. From that ancient ruin, we had managed to obtain this complete pill formula! Due to the now lost art of pill refinement, no one in the world has been able to become a Pill Master. Hence, I've chosen to recruit the physicians of the mainland so that we can research the art of pill refinement together. If we manage to uncover the ancient art of pill refinement, it would be wonderful news and bring great benefits for the mainland!"

    This was a proclamation that Gao Lin had designed for the physicians.

    Even if someone did manage to obtain the art of pill refinement, they would certainly monopolize it. Who would want to create benefits for the mainland? Humans are selfish and they would never share anything with strangers!

    Feng Xiaoxiao took a deep breath as a somber look flashed in her eyes, "Elder Feng, this time, no matter what, you must refine this pill successfully! If we can refine pills, Wind Valley's position would receive a substantial boost! If you fail..."

    Feng Xiaoxiao's gaze sank as she mentioned this and her eyes no longer displayed their initial warmth. Instead, they were filled with a sharp coldness.

    "No! You must not fail! It has been many years since a Pill Master has appeared in Wind Valley because we've never been able to obtain a pill formula. Now that we have a chance, we must take the advantage!"

    Of course, if Elder Feng were to unfortunately fail and someone else manages to refine the pill instead, she must make that person Wind Valley's Pill Master!

    Even if she has to pay a hefty price!

    "Sect Master, may I take a look at that pill formula?"

    Suddenly, an elderly voice sounded from the crowd. That voice was clearly filled with excitement.

    Bai Zhongtian looked at the person who had spoken and turned towards Gu Ruoyun's ear to whisper, "That's Bo Ru, he's a true medicinal fanatic! His lifelong dream is to successfully refine a pill. Unfortunately, he's never been able to find a pill formula, let alone refine a pill! So, when he heard that the Medicine Sect had procured a pill formula, he had rushed right over from a great distance."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded but did not say much. She observed Bo Ru who was receiving the pill formula from Gao Lin with great care.

    "This... This..." Bo Ru stared at the pill formula in his hand and was completely in a daze. He then said in an astonished voice, "This only states the ingredients needed for refining the pill, there's nothing else. How are we supposed to refine this?"
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