Chapter 949: The Vermillion Birds Cruelty (4)

    Chapter 949: The Vermillion Bird's Cruelty (4)

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    Gao Lin laughed bitterly, "This was why, despite all the research by the Medicine Sect's experts for more than a month, that we had been unable to uncover anything else!"

    If the procedure and methods had been complete, why would he possibly share the pill formula at all? There was no use in keeping a pill formula if one was unable to refine a pill from it.

    "Oh, that's right. If I remember this correctly, Elder Feng from Wind Valley is a physician as well."

    The old man named Bo Ru seemed to remember something all of a sudden and became very excited.

    "Wind Valley is not like the outside world. Doctors in Wind Valley must know the method of refining pills. I dare say that if there's anyone here who has the best chance to refine the pill, that person would be Elder Feng."

    Hearing this, the crowd's eyes lit up.

    Even if they were unable to successfully refine a pill in the end, if they had the opportunity to witness the birth of a pill, it would still be a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

    "Hehe." Hearing this, Elder Feng chuckled as his face filled with arrogance, "You're right, I do know a bit about refining pills. Since you've all begged for me, let me grant you the good fortune of witnessing the birth of a pill!"

    As he said this, Elder Feng seems to remember something and turned his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun.

    "Little girl, I know that you are a doctor so I think that you must be greatly interested in refining pills."

    Isn't that just nonsense?

    Who would make the trip here if it had not been for the sake of pills?

    Of course, the crowd would only dare to say this in their hearts. They did not dare show any sign of disrespect on their faces.

    "So," Elder Feng paused as a light flashed in his eyes, "If you agree to become my disciple and join Wind Valley, I will give you all of my knowledge in refining pills!"

    To tell the truth, he has never refined a pill before!

    However, he once had the good fortune to receive a book on refining pills. All of the knowledge he has was from that book but he never had the chance to practice.

    At that moment, everyone stared at Gu Ruoyun with envy.

    All his knowledge in refining pills? This was a treasure that was within the sight of every doctor but was still out of reach. They never thought that this little girl would have such good fortune to receive Elder Feng's good graces. He had not hesitated to utilize such a treasured knowledge as a gift in order to entice her to join Wind Valley.

    If they were in her place, they would probably join Wind Valley without hesitation.

    Gao Lin wrinkled his brows. Honestly, he did not wish for Gu Ruoyun to join Wind Valley. If she becomes a member of Wind Valley, she would no longer hold the post as the Holy Doctor's disciple.

    "Join Wind Valley?" Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and replied casually, "I've told you just now, I'm not interested. Besides, I already have a Master so I can't become your disciple."


    She actually rejected his offer!

    Everyone stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock. Where does this little girl find the gall to reject Wind Valley's olive branch time and time again?

    Only Bai Zhongtian's face had remained smiling throughout the entire time as he stared proudly at Gu Ruoyun.  That's my disciple! She would never discard her Master no matter the temptations or benefits that comes her way!

    "Sigh." Gao Lin spoke with a hint of envy, "Holy Doctor, you've accepted a very good disciple."

    "Of course."

    Bai Zhongtian looked very complacent, this little girl was his pride! With such a precious disciple, he would be satisfied for the rest of his life.

    Elder Feng's expression sank. "Do you not wish to become a Pill Master?" He asked with a gloomy look in his eye. "As long as you become my disciple, I would certainly give my all to help you!"
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