Chapter 951: Supreme Mystery Pill (2)

    Chapter 951: Supreme Mystery Pill (2)

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    It was sunset and the glow of the setting sun illuminated the entire plaza.

    Elder Feng's elderly features were drenched in sweat as he ignited a flame beneath the medicine cauldron at the center of the plaza

    "Eldest Lady, the Holy Doctor and the Medicine Sect's Sect Master don't seem to be of much help, even Elder Feng looks a little worried. May I ask why did you not take this pill formula back to Wind Valley so that all the doctors in Wind Valley could investigate this together?"

    An elder, who was standing behind Feng Xiaoxiao, frowned as he asked this question. He simply could not understand her intentions! Based on Wind Valley's power, she only needs to ask and she would be able to take the pill formula from the Medicine Sect. Presumably, Gao Lin would not dare to reject them!

    "No," Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head, "If anyone from the First City were to find out about Wind Valley's movements outside of the First City, it would spark great dissatisfaction towards Wind Valley. I can't take that risk! Besides, I believe in Elder Feng's power. Based on his abilities, he would certainly be able to refine the pill successfully even if it was the first time he has come into contact with pills!"

    As she spoke, her refined and beautiful eyes turned towards Elder Feng who was now dripping with sweat. Her peerless face lit up with a smile.

    "Elder Feng, I hope that you won't disappoint me! I also hope that the many years of cultivation at Wind Valley will come to fruition today!"

    To the outside world's knowledge, Pill Masters have been extinct for over ten thousand years!

    Then again, what kind of place was the First City? It was the hub for the most powerful cultivators on the mainland! Everyone knows that the higher one's cultivation level was, the longer their life would be. By the time someone reaches the rank of a Martial Supreme, they would be graced with a three-hundred-year lifespan!

    What about Martial Saints?

    They would certainly be able to live for much, much longer!

    Besides, in the First City, the rank of Martial Saint was only the beginning! It was also the very bottom of the barrel!

    Hence, most of the powerful cultivators in the First City were thousand-year-old elderly monsters! To these old monsters, a few thousand years was enough for them to uncover the secrets behind pill refinement!

    Of course, this had nothing to do with Wind Valley but as luck would have it, not too long ago, a rival organization had managed to refine a pill! Even though that pill was only an average pill which helps one to restore spiritual energy!

    However, in the middle of a fight between two opponents of the same level, if one side had been completely depleted of spiritual energy and another produces a pill to restore their energy, the result of the fight would have been determined then!

    This was why Feng Xiaoxiao was so anxious for Elder Feng to successfully refine a pill!

    The elder was about to say something else but when he saw the determined look on Feng Xiaoxiao's face, he kept his thoughts to himself. As an elder from Wind Valley, how could he not know the urgency in Feng Xiaoxiao's heart?

    If they were still unable to refine a pill, Wind Valley would be overrun by that organization sooner or later. By then, her painstaking efforts for such a long time would come to nothing!



    Xia Linyu walked towards Gu Ruoyun without any regard towards anyone around him. He furrowed his delicate brows and asked in a clear and lively voice, "Do you think he'll succeed?"

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head and calmly replied, "He has indeed touched the threshold of the art of pill refinement but, unfortunately, he has merely touched the threshold. Of course, he might succeed in another two to three years."

    Gu Ruoyun's heart was filled with surprise as she spoke.

    After all, the art of pill refinement had been completely extinct on this mainland! She had been lucky enough to receive the Ancient Divine Pagoda and it was because of this that she has managed to learn the art of pill refinement! She never thought that anyone else would be able to touch the threshold of pill refinement on their own.
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