Chapter 955: Supreme Mystery Pill (6)

    Chapter 955: Supreme Mystery Pill (6)

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    "That's right, you only need to think a little deeper to realize that she can't possibly have any knowledge of the pill refining process! Why do you still continue to hang on to this? Unless it's because you've really failed in your pill refinement and you wanted to humiliate others as well?"

    The person who had spoken was an elder who never really got along with Elder Feng in Wind Valley. Naturally, he would not let this opportunity to ridicule Elder Feng go to waste. It was really Elder Feng's fault for being haughty and arrogant to the other elders because of the trust he had received from the Valley Lord. He had even bragged that he would be able to refine a pill someday.

    In the end?

    Had he not failed?

    We shall see what excuse he will utilize to rain tyrannical abuse over Wind Valley next time!

    Elder Feng looked extremely gloomy as he restrained the melancholic feeling welling up from his heart, he could not let it out at all!

    The two elders who had spoken up were right. Even if Gu Ruoyun had really caused his pill refinement to fail, Elder Feng would still be considered as someone who would use his superiority to bully others! Hence, regardless of the ending, it would still spell trouble for him.

    Elder Feng took a deep breath at the thought of this. He then turned to face Gu Ruoyun's delicate and pretty face and spoke slowly, "Since Wind Valley's elders have interceded for your sake, I'll let you off. As long as you apologize and admit your mistakes to me, we'll let bygones be bygones. Alright?"


    Xia Linyu anxiously gripped Gu Ruoyun's sleeve when he heard Elder Feng's words. His limpid eyes were filled with a thick sense of anxiety.

    He was not worried about whether Gu Ruoyun would fail to refine a pill.

    Instead, he was afraid that this old geezer would fly into a rage out of humiliation if his sister was successful in refining a pill!

    When Gu Ruoyun saw that Xia Linyu was about to speak, she raised her hand and stopped him. Her dark pupils were smiling faintly as she turned to Elder Feng. She lifted the corners of her lips and said, "Now, I will show you what refining a pill actually looks like!"


    After the previous shocker, Gu Ruoyun's words were like a stroke of lightning on a clear day that struck from the sky, causing everyone present to become stunned.

    "Eldest Lady, I think you may need to retract your high esteem for her."

    The elder who had previously stood up for Gu Ruoyun shook his head and said in an exasperated voice, "This little girl is not as outstanding as you say. She's too brash and brainless. She even has a liking for talking big. Generally speaking, someone like her won't be a danger to Wind Valley."

    Feng Xiaoxiao did not comment. She narrowed her pretty eyes slightly as her gaze landed lightly upon the figure in green robes. An almost undetectable glint then flashed across her eyes.

    She does not know why but she could somehow sense that this woman was not as simple as she looks on the surface!

    Since she's speaking with such confidence, perhaps she really has the ability to refine pills?

    Feng Xiaoxiao laughed mockingly at herself at the thought of this.

    How can this be possible? This woman is far too young and she's not even a disciple from an organization in the First City. It's hard enough for her to reach the Martial Supreme level in the secular world, how could she possibly know how to refine pills as well?

    "Elder Li, since she wishes to refine the pill, let us wait and see. I myself would like to know if she's truly able to do it!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao slowly returned to her senses and smiled gently. Her tone was crisp and clear as she spoke.

    The elder who had been addressed as Elder Li was standing behind her. There were two other elders who were standing next to him as well. One of them was the elder who had sided with Elder Li to mock Elder Feng, the other elder had remained silent the entire time and has not said a single word.

    These three elders were unlike Elder Feng. Elder Feng took his orders from Wind Valley's Valley Lord whereas these three were Feng Xiaoxiao's trusted aides! However, they had some other responsibilities to take care of and had not arrived at the Medicine Sect with Feng Xiaoxiao. They had only managed to rush over the night before.
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