Chapter 958: Supreme Mystery Pill (9)

    Chapter 958: Supreme Mystery Pill (9)

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    "Elder Feng, do you think that she'll manage to refine a pill?" Feng Xiaoxiao smiled mildly as she sending a lukewarm gaze at Gu Ruoyun's direction. No one could really tell what she was thinking.

    Hearing this, Elder Feng sneered and spoke rather scornfully, "My Lady, please forgive me for being straightforward but I don't think that she has the ability to do so."

    Forget about Elder Feng, even Feng Xiaoxiao does not think that it would be possible for Gu Ruoyun to refine the pill successfully. As for Gu Ruoyun's previous prediction of how the medicine cauldron would explode, perhaps... That had been only a mere coincidence.

    At the center of the plaza, the figure in green was like a bamboo tree as she stood tall in front of the medicine cauldron. The woman did not seem to hear the surrounding chatter. Her delicate features were absolutely calm as a clear and cold light reflected in her black eyes like moonlight.


    Elder Feng unconsciously shook at the sight of her familiar movements and he mildly wrinkled his brows. At this moment, he absent-mindedly thought that this young woman actually had a chance at refining the pill but how could this be possible? Aside from those rich and famous forces in the First City, no one in the outside would possibly know the art of pill refinement.

    Elder Feng laughed at himself at the thought of this. He then calmed himself down and watched Gu Ruoyun's every move.

    "It's finished!"

    Elder Li shook his head and his eyes filled with pity as he stared at Gu Ruoyun, "Eldest Lady, there's nothing more to see from here on. Should we leave?"

    There's nothing more to say! This woman is certainly very intelligent! She has managed to pick up a bit of the pill refinement process after watching Elder Feng's actions! However, does she think that she would be able to refine a pill successfully just like that? That's too much of a joke!

    Elder Li was not the only one who thought this way about Ruoyun, everyone in the plaza had exactly the same opinion!

    In their point of view, Gu Ruoyun had merely learned a few methods from Elder Feng after watching his pill refinement process! While everyone admired Gu Ruoyun's talent, they also felt disdain as well!

    Had she not seen how Elder Feng had failed despite being assisted by the Holy Docter and Gao Lin? So what if she had managed to sneakily pick up Elder Feng's pill refinement skills? She will also fail as well! Nevertheless, she still made arrogant claims about how she was on a higher level than Elder Feng!

    At the end of the day, was she not merely copying Elder Feng's method of pill refinement?

    This had been based on the observations of those who were unfamiliar with the art of pill refinement! Only Elder Feng was becoming even more surprised while the expression on his elderly features changed and changed again. Furthermore, he did not even dare to blink as he watched Gu Ruoyun fixedly.

    Perhaps a spectator would think that the pill refining method between the both of them was almost identical but Elder Feng understood perfectly that if he was a pill refining apprentice, Gu Ruoyun was a master! Be it the proficiency in her movements and the level of control in her mental energy, his abilities were a far cry from hers!


    The sequence that she used in placing the medicinal herbs was not in accordance with the pill formula! Perhaps, in the eyes of a spectator, this would not make much of a difference but Elder Feng knew that this sequence determined whether one would be able to refine the pill successfully!

    Could it be that this little girl actually has pill refining abilities? He wondered.

    Elder Feng's eyes sank and he took a deep breath. He ignored the noise around him and paid very close attention to Gu Ruoyun's movements the entire time.

    "Let's go."

    Feng Xiaoxiao shook her head as her expression displayed a sense of pity. Honestly speaking, I rather admired Gu Ruoyun. Even her egotistical attitude resembled that person!

    Then again, Feng Xiaoxiao also understood that Gu Ruoyun could not possibly refine this pill successfully.

    Just as she was about to leave, a loud blast exploded from the center of the plaza.
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