Chapter 959: Supreme Mystery Pill (10)

    Chapter 959: Supreme Mystery Pill (10)

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    This explosion was much smaller than the previous explosion and did not end up spreading throughout the people in the plaza. However, it had been enough to silence the entire plaza.

    Feng Xiaoxiao paused in her steps and turned towards the smoke-filled center of the plaza. She then frowned and sighed gently, "It looks like she had failed at the end!"

    Only a failure would lead to an explosion in the medicine cauldron! Everyone knows this.

    "Hehe," Elder Feng laughed as his elderly face displayed his initial arrogance and gloomy pallor once again. However, it goes without saying that a twinge of sympathy appeared in the corner of his eye, "It seems that I had been wrong, this little girl does not know how to refine pills! She's also worse than me! Even the magnitude of her explosion is much smaller than mine!"

    Everyone knows that any failure in the pill refinement process would result in an explosion. If the pill has an abundance of spiritual energy, the blast would be even more powerful! Of course, explosions which lacked magnitude like Gu Ruoyun's proves that the pill she was refining, even if she had been successful, could not be considered as an actual pill. It could only be considered as an average medicinal pill.

    Bai Zhongtian was momentarily dazed before he rushed towards the center of the plaza as if seized by a bout of madness. His bloodshot eyes looked ready to gobble a person whole as he bellowed furiously, "All of you, get out of my way!"

    When they saw the maddened look in the old geezer's eyes, those standing at the front did not dare get in his way and quickly split into two sides, carving a wide path for him. Of course, those who had not been able to move quickly enough were kicked out of the way by the old geezer. Soon after, he rushed towards the center of the plaza at top speed under the eyes of the crowd, close to tears but unable to weep.

    "Damned girl, I had warned you not to show off. You f*cking get your *ss out here this instant!"

    The center of the plaza was riddled with smoke and dust. Bai Zhongtian gritted his teeth as his bloodshot eyes scanned his surroundings. Even though he was yelling at Gu Ruoyun angrily, his expression looked very close to tears and his entire face was filled with anxiety.

    Based on Gu Ruoyun's level of power, if she had not put up any defenses during the blast, the consequences would be unthinkable.

    The old man's eyes filled with even more anxiety at the thought as he searched frantically for Gu Ruoyun's figure amongst the smoke and dust.

    Just as he was stumbling and staggering about, someone giggled softly behind him, "Master, what on earth have I done to provoke you this time that has caused you to behave like this? You look like you're ready to tear me to pieces."

    The old man's legs trembled and his back stiffened. He turned around as if he did not dare to believe his ears. A faintly discernible figure in green appeared before his eyes.

    At that moment, the old man's vision clouded over and he quickly rubbed the tears from his eyes as he fiercely replied, "I've told you before, failing in refining the pill is not considered an embarrassment yet you had insisted on ignoring my advice. This old man is your Master! You must abide by everything I say! Instead, you... You..."

    At this moment, when Bai Zhongtian remembered the explosion, his heart trembled unconsciously.

    He has been living all on his own in lonely bitterness without the need of relying on anyone all these years! This disciple was the only person that he has ever cared about! Previously, when he thought that she had passed on, his only goal in life was to avenge her death!

    Now, however...

    "Who said that I've failed?"

    As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, the scene began to emerge. At the center of the plaza, Gu Ruoyun's face displayed a small smile followed by this one question which fell into everyone's ear.
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