Chapter 960: Supreme Mystery Pill (11)

    Chapter 960: Supreme Mystery Pill (11)

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    Who said that I've failed?

    Everyone was instantly stunned and were unsure what Gu Ruoyun's actually means! Though the medicine cauldron had exploded, could the pill refinement process not be a failure after all?

    Very soon, Bai Zhongtian asked the question which was on everyone's mind, "Didn't you blow up the medicine cauldron during the pill refinement process?"

    "The medicine cauldron, you say?" Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose and shrugged her shoulders, "That was because that medicine cauldron's quality was much too appalling. It could not withstand the power generated from a successfully refined pill. Naturally, it had then exploded. It was a good thing that I managed to refine the pill before that happened!"

    She opened the palm of her hand as she said this. Three emerald-green pills emitted a sparkling and translucent light along with an abundance of spiritual energy as they rested in her jade-like palm. Everyone in the area felt as if their spiritual energy had increased a little just by looking at those pills.

    Even that mild increase was like a lightning strike on a clear day which blasted fiercely into the crowd.

    "Pills? Are those really pills? How could this be? This little girl was actually able to refine pills?"

    "This was something that even Elder Feng had failed in yet she had succeeded. Furthermore, she had not required any help. This... This isn't just talent, this is simply an abnormality!"

    "I can confirm that those are indeed pills! When she had produced those pills, I only had a whiff of aura from within the pills and the spiritual energy within my body has increased a few times over. If I swallowed these pills, I might actually have a breakthrough on the spot!"


    Everyone in the plaza was plunged into confusion from this knowledge. Every eye was staring at Gu Ruoyun's palm and one could actually hear the gulping sound of saliva in the plaza!

    After all, these are pills.

    Today, they had all been fortunate enough to witness the birth of pills! How great of an honor was that? Even if they were to leave the Medicine Sect without achieving anything, they had gained enough boasting rights!

    Feng Xiaoxiao had her gaze locked on Gu Ruoyun the entire time. An unreadable light flashed in her pretty eyes and no one could tell what she was thinking!

    However, no one in this plaza was more shocked than Elder Feng.

    It was also at this very moment when he suddenly remembered Gu Ruoyun's words to him! Instantly, his usually arrogant-looking features were awash with humiliation along with a deep excitement.

    "I did tell you," Gu Ruoyun looked at Elder Feng and spoke serenely, "Your failure in refining the pill was because you lacked the ability! It had nothing to do with my Master! He was only your temporary helper but that does not mean that you could push all the blame on him! I will never let anyone slander my Master either."

    Elder Feng looked absolutely ashamed and he rubbed his palm in embarrassment, "This... This..."

    After saying so much for half a day, in the end, he was unable to say anything else aside from the word 'this'.


    Gu Ruoyun turned towards Bai Zhongtian and smiled, "Your disciple has succeeded in the assignment, I've finally managed to refine successfully."

    At this moment, aside from a sense of surprise towards his own disciple, Bai Zhongtian mostly felt a sense of pride! She was his disciple! The greater his disciple's achievements, the more he, as her Master, would feel proud.


    "Hehe," Bai Zhongtian chuckled and replied fawningly, "Good disciple, can you teach me the art of pill refinement? I'd like to refine pills on my own as well."
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