Chapter 961: Supreme Mystery Pill (12)

    Chapter 961: Supreme Mystery Pill (12)

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    Gu Ruoyun nodded, "If you wish to learn, I can teach you."

    Hearing this, the crowd could no longer contain themselves. After all, the Holy Doctor was Gu Ruoyun's Master. They had assumed that the Holy Doctor had taught Gu Ruoyun everything she knows. Based on their current observation, it would seem that it was not as they believed.

    Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes darted back and forth. She then spoke in a light voice, "Miss Gu, there is one thing that I can't understand, who had taught you the art of pill refinement? Could it be that, aside from the Holy Doctor, you have another Master?"

    Aside from those terrifyingly powerful forces from the First City, Feng Xiaoxiao simply could not understand it. Who else would have the ability to nurture such an excellent genius?

    Hence, she really wants to find out about Gu Ruoyun's true identity!

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and said, "My only Master is the Holy Doctor. I had managed to obtain an ancient book by a stroke of luck. That book had contained records. However, today was the first time that I've truly managed to refine a pill. You all know as well as I that pills are more valuable than ancient books. Therefore, I had not been a hundred percent certain that I could actually successfully refine this pill."

    Feng Xiaoxiao believed her every word!

    It was just as she said, pills were particularly valuable and ancient textbooks which contained explanations on pill refinement were scarce. However, there were still a few of them in the hands of those forces in the First City! As for pills... That would depend entirely on one's luck!

    Even Wind Valley has only just heard news of pills for the first time!

    "Since that's the case, Miss Gu, I wonder if you would be interested to join Wind Valley as the Chief Pill Master?" A light flashed in Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes and her face lit up with a smile once again, "As long as you're willing to become Wind Valley's Chief Pill Master, your position would be second only to the Valley Lord and you would be on the same level as me! Furthermore, I will give you the best benefits so that you can refine pills without worrying about the future!"

    In the beginning, Feng Xiaoxiao had no intentions of recruiting Gu Ruoyun. After all, she understood that this woman was not the kind of person who could be controlled! One slip up could send Wind Valley into eternal damnation!

    However, at this moment, she needs to do everything she could to recruit her! If Gu Ruoyun insists on rejecting the offer, Feng Xiaoxiao would even consider using alternative methods of persuasion to bring positive effects to Wind Valley!

    It was really her fault for becoming a Pill Master. Wind Valley's current focus was to defeat that opposing force so they desperately needed a Pill Master! Otherwise, if that organization grows stronger with each passing day, all that waits for Wind Valley was death and destruction!

    Because of this, she had to try!

    Elder Feng was stunned. He turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao and was unable to comprehend the situation. Previously, when he had wanted to recruit Gu Ruoyun, the Eldest Lady had not been willing to make this decision! However, why would she say such a thing now?

    Could this be... Because this little girl was proficient in refining pills?

    "Wind Valley's elder had already invited me twice and I had rejected him." Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. Her eyes were abnormally clear and cold as she continued, "So now, let me say this one more time, my answer is still no!"

    Feng Xiaoxiao was not the least bit annoyed with her answer. She retained her light smile as she replied, "Miss Gu, why reject the offer immediately? Perhaps you could think it over. As long as you are willing to take up the position of Wind Valley's Chief Pill Master, I won't refuse any of your conditions!"

    Chief Pill Master!

    What a great opportunity this is! In Wind Valley, she would hold a position where she would only have one over her and millions under her!

    If we were in her place, we would definitely agree to it immediately. However, this girl refuses to see what's good for her and had rejected the offer!

    At that moment, the crowd shook their heads and sighed as they stared at Gu Ruoyun, unable to comprehend her thought process.
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