Chapter 968: Elder Fengs Plea (7)

    Chapter 968: Elder Feng's Plea (7)

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    "Innate homosexual nature?"

    "That's right, he's deeply in love with my older brother, Gu Shengxiao."

    Bai Zhongtian gaped in shock. He found it difficult to imagine that this man, whose face could cause the downfall of cities, would turn out to like men exclusively?

    If word of this were to get out, I wonder how many women would end up heartbroken because of this...


    Those who had attended the Medicine Sect's general meeting were all well-known physicians on the mainland. Hence, within the span of three short days, news of everything which had transpired in the Medicine Sect had spread like wildfire on the mainland.

    Of course, in contrast to the Huang father and daughter pair, what shocked everyone the most was that the Holy Doctor's disciple, that woman Gu Ruoyun, had managed to successfully refine a pill!

    That was an actual pill, an item which had been extinct from the mainland for such a long time! No one had expected a twenty-year-old girl to have to ability to refine a pill!

    However, compared to the noise in world outside, the Medicine Sect has been particularly quiet!

    This was because Gao Lin had ordered that no one should disturb Gu Ruoyun at all. Hence, during the past three days, Gu Ruoyun and Bai Zhongtian had been able to single-mindedly hide away in the room and refine pills! As for Xia Linyu, he stood aside and acted as their assistant.

    It was a good thing that Bai Zhongtian was gifted and intelligent. Even though he was already in his fifties, he had been able to easily pick up on the steps of refining pills.

    Of course, refining pill requires a step-by-step progress. During the past three days, Gu Ruoyun had not allowed him to refine the Supreme Mystery Pill. Instead, she had started him off with the basic-level Spirit Gathering Pill! After all, if a person who has never refined a pill before were to challenge themselves with the Supreme Mystery Pill right off the bat, this was equivalent someone who had just entered the cultivation world wanting to battle with a Martial Supreme.

    This was simply impossible!

    Furthermore, the reason Elder Feng had failed had not been simply because he had only skimmed the surface of his knowledge in pill refinement. It had been mostly because of that fact that that had been his first time to refine a pill and the level of challenge he had faced with was simply too great! This had then led to his ultimate failure!


    "Hahaha, at last! I've successfully refined a pill!"

    A maniacal laugh suddenly burst out from the room.

    Bai Zhongtian held the pill in his hand as his eyes sparkled with excitement. His disheveled hair had become even messier at this moment. His gaze then fell upon Gu Ruoyun as he furrowed his brows and asked, "By the way, little girl, why is this pill which I've just refined different from the one you had refined in the plaza?"

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "The pill I had refined is called the Supreme Mystery Pill. Based on your current level of power, you would not be able to successfully refine it yet. Therefore, I've started you off with refining an entry-level pill! This Spirit Gathering Pill would not be of any use to you but it can multiply the cultivation speed of a cultivator at the rank of a Martial General and below by three to four times."

    "Oh, so that's why." Bai Zhongtian nodded. Suddenly, he seemed to come to his senses and instantly gripped Gu Ruoyun's shoulder, "That's not right. Little girl, didn't you say that the Supreme Mystery Pill was the first pill you've refined and that you've never come into contact with any other pills prior to that? Then what is this Spirit Gathering Pill?"

    "You would believe everything that I say?" Gu Ruoyun rolled her eyes at him, "When have you become so naive?"

    At that time, she had said those things on purpose for the others to hear. Otherwise, the cultivators of Wind Valley would have guessed that she has other pills on hand. By then, Wind Valley may not even care about the First City's rules and would try to snatch all of her pills.

    "You damned girl..." Bai Zhongtian rolled his eyes irritably, fully intending to chastise this little girl but he could not do it. All he could do was to restrain himself from blowing up.
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