Chapter 972: Holy Doctor, Martial Saint (3)

    Chapter 972: Holy Doctor, Martial Saint (3)

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    "Besides, during the time when the Valley Lord's wife had been unable to conceive, Feng Xiaoxiao's mother, who was a servant at that time, took advantage of the situation and devised a plot towards the Valley Lord. She then successfully became pregnant with Feng Xiaoxiao. However, the Valley Lord was deeply in love with his wife and had initially planned to execute the lowly servant. The Valley Lord's wife took pity on the child in her belly so they had decided to execute her after she had given birth to the child. Hence, Feng Xiaoxiao was born but to the outside world, it was the Valley Lord's wife who had given birth to Feng Xiaoxiao! Later on, the Valley Lord's wife's infertility was cured and the Young Master of Wind Valley was born."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun's gaze flickered as she slowly raised the corners of her lips, "It looks like Feng Xiaoxiao may not be what she seems."

    However, Gu Ruoyun could not help but admire the fact that Feng Xiaoxiao was indeed very intelligent! She was far more intelligent than the other women she has met! If it had not been for Zuo Shangchen's words, she would never have guessed that Feng Xiaoxiao would have done such a thing for the sake of usurping the position of Young Valley Lord.

    "Alright, I've said all that needs to be said," Zuo Shangchen mildly raised the corners of his lips and smiled. "If you're making the trip to the First City, don't forget to come and find me at the Dark Yin Palace. Also, once you've reached the rank of a Martial Saint, I'll tell you about the world beyond the Martial Saint rank!"

    Zuo Shangchen glanced at Gu Ruoyun who had plunged into deep thought before he turned and walked out the door.

    Just as he stepped out of the room, his impish features sank in a split second as a hint of anguish appeared in his peach blossom gaze.

    "Young Master."

    A gorgeous maidservant who had been waiting for him further up front walked towards him. She then joined her fists and bowed respectfully.

    "Still no news of Gu Shengxiao?" Zuo Shangchen pursed his red lips. His eyes were filled with anxiety.

    The gorgeous maidservant lowered her head, joined her fists and bowed in reply, "Reporting to Young Master according to the information gathered from members of Dark Yin Palace, we have not managed to find Sir Gu at all! Young Master, is it really true that we can't let Lady Gu find out about this at all?"

    "Xiao Yun'er can't know about this matter at all," Zuo Shangchen shook his head, suppressing the anxiety he felt in his heart. He then steadied his breathing and continued, "If she ever finds out about Gu Shengxiao's disappearance, she would fly into madness! Besides, I still have no clue as to where Gu Shengxiao's whereabouts could be! It won't hurt for us to tell her after the Dark Yin Palace has made a thorough investigation! Xiao Yun'er needs to grow right now so I believe that Shengxiao would not be comfortable with causing his younger sister to worry."

    Zuo Shangchen's heart would throb fiercely whenever he remembers the news which he had received from the West Spirit Mainland a few days ago. His hands would ball into tight fists by his side and his impish features would fill with a thick sense of bloodlust.

    "Shengxiao, I will find you even if I have to journey to the end of the world! If I ever find out who's responsible for taking you away, I will give everything that I have to save you!"

    Zuo Shangchen took a deep breath and the seductive charm in the space between his brows vanished and was replaced by a sense of determination!

    He knows very well that even if Gu Ruoyun were to find out about Gu Shengxiao's disappearance, she would not be able to do anything about it! Instead, it would delay her pace! Coincidentally, this was not something that Gu Shengxiao would want to see!

    Hence, Zuo Shangchen has to find his whereabouts alone!

    "Send out an order that no one is to let Xiao Yun'er know about this. Anyone who violates this order will be killed!"

    When he finished his last syllable, an austere aura exploded from him like the sharp blade of a sword, piercing through the skies.
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