Chapter 974: The Flesh And Bone Regeneration Pill (1)

    Chapter 974: The Flesh And Bone Regeneration Pill (1)

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    "Haha, Bai Zhongtian, our powers had been on par in the past. I never thought I would actually end up lagging behind you but I must still congratulate you on your achievement."

    An elderly figure had suddenly appeared out of thin air before Gao Lin's features then gradually came into view. He smiled as he stared at the old man who was standing on the ground as he spoke sincerely.

    "Hehe," Bai Zhongtian slowly came to his senses and chuckled, "Luck, it's really just luck."

    He would never admit the pill's effect in broad daylight. Otherwise, it would cause his precious disciple a lot of trouble!

    "Luck?" Gao Lin laughed, "I certainly don't believe that luck has anything to do with a Martial Saint breakthrough. Also, Holy Doctor, are you aware that once you've broken through to the Martial Saint rank, cultivators from the First City will most definitely come and extend an invitation to you to enter the First City. You must make the necessary preparations."

    Hearing this, Bai Zhongtian became silent. After a long pause, his elderly features then lit up with a smile.

    "The First City? Hehe, I'm certainly interested in the First City. Besides, that is also the place where most cultivators have yearned for in their dreams. Only when one is there could one achieve even greater breakthroughs. If I could have that opportunity, what's wrong with going on an adventure?"

    Bai Zhongtian's eyes were filled with self-admiration while his tone of voice was filled with pride. He believes that his precious disciple would step into that place soon. Since that was the case, as her Master, he has the responsibility to survey that place first.

    Naturally, Gu Ruoyun was aware of what Bai Zhongtian was thinking. She smiled lightly and turned to face Gao Lin who was standing next to her, "Sect Master Gao, my arrival in the Medicine Sect has caused a disturbance during the past few days. I intend on leaving tomorrow, so..."

    Gao Lin was shaken as he managed to detect the meaning behind Gu Ruoyun's words. He then laughed softly as he replied, "Gu girl, since you've successfully refined a pill, I, Gao Lin, shall honor my promise. The Northern Block Territory is now yours! However, I need to remind you about one thing. Even though the Northern Block Territory is a land that belongs to the Medicine Sect, there are a few powerful forces who refuse to admit to this fact. When that time comes, I'm afraid that you'll have to find a way to make them submit on your own. Of course, if you should require help in any aspect, the Medicine Sect will offer you our strongest support!"

    "Your promise, Sect Master Gao, is enough," Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Shall we commence with the territory transition now?"

    "Alright. Gu girl, come with me to the study."

    Gao Lin smiled gently. Even though the Northern Block Territory had brought many great benefits to the Medicine Sect, they were nothing compared to pills.

    Thus, even though he has given that territory away, he does not feel the pinch at all!

    The territory transition happened very quickly. Gao Lin only needed to produce an agreement, signed his name and stamped his fingerprint on it before handing it to Gu Ruoyun. Upon receiving the agreement, Gu Ruoyun did not delay any longer and walked out immediately.

    When the figure in green has left their sight, Gao Lin turned to Bai Zhongtian and asked, "Holy Doctor, we've been friends for so many years now so don't lie to me. You've only just had your high-level Martial Supreme breakthrough not too long ago. How were you able to become a Martial Saint so soon? Tell me what really happened!"

    Bai Zhongtian chuckled, "A Martial Saint? I expect that you'll have your breakthrough soon enough."

    "That's nonsense," Gao Ling frowned as he glanced at Bai Zhongtian.

    Bai Zhongtian rolled his eyes when he heard this, "Didn't that precious disciple of mine give you a pill as well? Swallow it once you've attained the rank of a high-level Martial Supreme and you'll immediately reach the Martial Saint rank!"
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