Chapter 976: The Flesh And Bone Regeneration Pill (3)

    Chapter 976: The Flesh And Bone Regeneration Pill (3)

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    "However, the medicinal herbs required to refine the Flesh and Bone Regeneration Pill are quite expensive. The Imperial Spirit of Celestial Fortune Herb, the Purple Cloud Ginseng, or the Ice Crystal Star Anise Blossom are all priceless treasures. Anyone who wishes to find these herbs would need to try their luck in the Northern Block Territory. Since that's the case, I'll have to leave by tonight. I won't wait for tomorrow!"

    Perhaps leaving a day earlier would mean that Xia Linyu would be healed a day earlier as well!

    Besides, the Nothern Block Territory was located quite a distance away from the Medicine Sect. Now that she has the pill formula, she has to try her luck!

    Gu Ruoyun did not hesitate any longer at the thought of this. After leaving the Ancient Divine Pagoda, she quickly met up with Bai Zhongtian to say her goodbyes. While Bai Zhongtian was rather curious as to why Gu Ruoyun was so anxious to leave, he did not say very much and only gave her a few warnings before sending her down the mountain.

    As for Xia Linyu, he has naturally stayed by Gu Ruoyun's side. After all, based on her current level of power, she would be able to guarantee his safety as long as she does not bump into anyone from the First City.


    The Northern Block Territory was located in the northern area of the mainland. It was near the icy snowfields where Gu Ruoyun had first met Grand Lord Hong Lian back then. Hence, there were many powerful cultivators in the Northern Block Territory. If those powerful organizations were to join forces, not even the Medicine Sect would be able to stand up against them.

    Nevertheless, that would require the few great powers of Northern Block Territory to actually join forces first of all!

    As the great forces were constantly locked in conflict, they could never possibly become allies. That was the reason why they had remained second to the Medicine Sect in terms of power.

    At this moment, the gates of Cloudy Wind City, which was situated within the Northern Block Territory, was constantly in a restless state. Everyone was whispering to one another but no one could tell what their subject of discussion was about. Two guards were standing tall by the city gates. They were unmovable and steadfast like mountains as they stared icily at the restless crowd.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the Cloudy Wind City has received a letter of challenge from the Snow Jade Bandits. We will be engaging in battle with the Snow Jade Bandits over the next few days. Our governor has issued an order that anyone who wishes to enter Cloudy Wind City must join our battle against the Snow Jade Bandits. Everyone else must leave if they don't wish for their lives to be in danger."


    The crowd exploded into a cacophony of discussion when they heard this. However, their faces no longer displayed their previous anxiety. In fact, it was now replaced by a sense of panic. Many had even tried to avoid eye contact with the guards, terrified of getting themselves involved.

    The Snow Jade Bandits?

    Gu Ruoyun furrowed her brows as she glanced at the tightly shut city gate. No one could tell what she was thinking.

    Just then, a young man noticed Gu Ruoyun who showed no signs of moving and kindly reminded her, "Miss, why are you still standing here? The Snow Jade Bandits' powers are extremely terrifying. If you don't escape in time, you might endanger your life."

    "The Snow Jade Bandits?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and asked, unconvinced, "I wonder where these Snow Jade Bandits come from."

    "Miss, you've never heard of the Snow Jade Bandits?"

    The youth stared at Gu Ruoyun in astonishment as if he never expected to encounter someone in the Northern Block Territory who was ignorant of the Snow Jade Bandits' existence. However, he soon explained kindly, "It is said that all three of the Snow Jade Bandits' leaders have already reached the rank of Martial Supremes. People like us are no match for the Snow Jade Bandits so it's best to hurry up and leave."

    The crease on Gu Ruoyun's brow deepened as she faintly replied, "I'm only passing by. Besides, I still need to hurry on my way. The dispute between Cloudy Wind City and the Snow Jade Bandits is none of my business."
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