Chapter 979: The Governor Of Cloudy Wind City (2)

    Chapter 979: The Governor Of Cloudy Wind City (2)

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    Suddenly, a loud thump sounded from outside the city gate.

    The noise was like a giant who was waving his heavy fists and pounding against the iron sliding door from outside the city gates!

    The soldiers at the city gate could no longer guard against it any longer but they had to hold on for the sake of the tens of thousands of ordinary people in the city.

    This was their duty and the Lord Governor's orders!

    However, no matter how much the soldiers wanted to hold on, with a final loud thumping noise, the solid gate was rammed wide open and countless bandits then charged into the city with swords and knives in hand.

    "Wen Yan, you brat, get your *ss out here and face your death!"

    A middle-aged man who was dressed in a mink fur waistcoat stepped out from the crowd. His brawny and brutish features fill one with dread. He was followed by another man and a woman. The other man has a long scar from a knife wound on his face. The scar stretched from the corner of his eye all the way down to his lower jaw, making him look sinister and terrifying.

    The woman was dressed in glamorous crimson robes and was holding a long whip which had been soaked in poison in her hand. The difference between her and the other two was that the woman in red was very slender. However, it would be a fatal mistake to assume that she was weak based on her stature which was like a slim willow branch trembling in the wind.

    Even though the woman in red held the last position amongst the three leaders, she was, in fact, the most vicious and cruel of the three! She has a preference for women but any beautiful woman who ever caught her attention would end up being tortured to within an inch of her life!


    Suddenly, someone laughed softly. The young governor who has enjoyed such a famous reputation slowly stepped towards them followed a group of people. He had a warm smile on his face the entire time but the smile did not reach his eyes at all, which were now filled with an icy chill.

    "I never thought that the Snow Jade Bandits would look so highly upon me and mobilize your entire hive! Even the Three Leaders have arrived. I wonder if I should laugh or cry?"

    "Wen Yan, I'll give you two choices. Either I destroy the Cloudy Wind City today and let every single citizen accompany you in death or you can hand over the Dragon Blood Fruit!"

    The middle-aged man in the mink waistcoat furrowed his brows as he barked impatiently.

    "Big Brother, why do we bother with such nonsensical banter? Kill him straightaway and take the Dragon Blood Fruit! That's all we need to do! It's this kid's fault for failing to recognize what's good for him, daring to fight with the Snow Jade Bandits for a herb which has caught our eyes! He's simply looking for death!"

    The man with the scar glared at Wen Yan as he replied fiercely.

    The Dragon Blood Fruit?

    Gu Ruoyun shuddered as a sense of joy appeared in her clear and cold eyes.

    That Dragon Blood Fruit happens to be one of the herbs that I need to refine the Flesh and Blood Regeneration Pill! I never expected that I would run into such good luck and find one of the herbs upon entering the Northern Block Territory!

    "Apologies," Wen Yan did not flare up over their rudeness. Instead, he replied amiably, "I have my uses for this Dragon Blood Fruit so I can't give it to you. It's best that you all go back, please. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the Snow Jade Bandits will cease to exist in this world."

    "Wen Yan, you brat, you are far too arrogant!"

    The woman in red who was one of the Three Leaders raised her brow as she spoke. Her eyes, like those of a poisonous snake's, landed upon Wen Yan's relaxed and handsome features, "You plan on destroying the Snow Jade Bandits simply with the might of the Cloudy Wind City?" She then sneered disdainfully, "Aren't you indulging a little too much in fantasies? You are only a low-level Martial Supreme. Even though you've managed to kill the previous governor, you are no match for the three of us! Besides, my Big Brother is now already at the rank of a mid-level Martial Supreme!"
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