Chapter 986: The Dragon Blood Fruit (6)

    Chapter 986: The Dragon Blood Fruit (6)

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    They do not even have time to run away!

    Besides, before their Great Leader had died, he had warned his friends to run!

    Still, the little Vermillion Bird has never had felt any mercy and she would never spare anyone who has attacked her.

    She returned to her senses at this thought and glared coldly at the woman in red who was rushing towards her. The corners of her lips then curled into a cruel smile.

    "Third Leader, kill this little sl*t and avenge our Great Leader!"

    "That's right! Kill her! Only with her death can the Great Leader be at peace!"

    The Snow Jade Bandits were mourning the Great Leader's death. Their eyes sparkled when they saw the woman in red's actions. From what they could tell, no matter how powerful the fire spiritual beast may be, the little girl who looks to be around five years of age would not have much power to retaliate! By then, the Snow Jade Bandits would be the ones to dictate who lives or dies!

    Actually, they were not doing this only to avenge their Great Leader!

    It was to survive!

    The fire spiritual beast would have to be very powerful to be able to kill their Great Leader in one blow. How many of the bandits would be able to escape if it were to hunt them down? However, if they could kidnap this little girl, the outcome would be different!

    By using the little girl as a means to threaten it, the Snow Jade Bandits would be able to avoid the danger today!

    Obviously, the woman in red had the same idea! She would not risk her life solely for the sake of the Great Leader! Instead, for the chance of survival, she would boldly risk her life. She no longer cared too much now.

    Her cries for avenging the Great Leader was only a reason that she had given herself.

    "Quick, we need to protect the little lady!"

    How could the people of Cloudy Wind City fail to notice the Snow Jade Bandits' scheme?

    Once the woman in red captures the little Vermillion Bird, they would not stand any chance of running the Snow Jade Bandits to ground! By then, the bandits would attack once again and all that awaits the citizens of Cloudy Wind City was a single bout of ransacking!

    Hence, the soldiers forgot about their own safety and rushed to protect the little Vermillion Bird without even waiting for the governor's order.

    However, based on their level of power, how could these people withstand the woman in red who was a Martial Supreme? The woman in red soon arrived in front of the little Vermillion Bird. She then stretched out her hand and attempted to grab the little girl's shoulder.

    "Little sl*t. Today, for the sake of avenging my Big Brother and to ensure our smooth escape from the Cloudy Wind City, we have no choice but to take you with us!"

    A hint of viciousness flashed across the woman in red's lovely eyes. Her bloodshot eyes also contained a sense of madness as a sneer hung on her face.

    The little Vermillion Bird shook her head in disappointment.

    She had really thought that this woman was truly charging towards her for the sake of avenging the death of their Great Leader. Instead, she only wanted to use her as a means to escape the Cloudy Wind City.

    As it turns out, not every human would willingly sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends!

    "You want to take me with you? I'm afraid you don't have that kind of power."

    The little Vermillion Bird lifted her eyes which were now clouded with flames and laughed softly.

    A wave of energy then slammed onto the woman in red's chest. It caused the woman in red's body which had been high up in the sky to fall towards the ground as if she had been crushed by a rock. She felt as if her chest had been blocked and gasped for breath.

    She raised her pretty eyes in astonishment and stared in shock at the cute and tender face before her.
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