Chapter 989: The Mysterious Woman In White (1)

    Chapter 989: The Mysterious Woman In White (1)

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    It was a quiet mountain ravine touched by small slips of clouds and mist. The place was as mesmerizing as a fairyland.

    At this moment, one could just about make out a faintly discernible flash of white robes in the midst of the white, misty atmosphere. That figure stood out like a fairy from a painting, making the scene so beautiful that it was almost unreal.

    However, upon closer examination, one would notice that the woman's features were strikingly similar to Gu Ruoyun's. However, she does not emit a cool and calm aura. Instead, she was proud and aloof like a snow plum flower in the cold winds, creating an absolutely stunning silhouette.


    A dragon growled in the sky. A large, white dragon then spiraled and descended out of the cloudy sky before landing in front of the woman who was dressed in white.

    "It's been over twenty years."

    The woman in white lowered her head and looked at the white dragon before her. She smiled gently as her soft hand began to gently stroke the white dragon's body. She murmured, as if speaking to herself, "I never thought that over twenty years could have passed in the blink of an eye. There's only one more year left to go now! After next year, I can leave this place and go look for him."

    Her eyes carried a hint of absent-mindedness as well as a sense of longing.

    When she talked about that man, her eyes would fill with a warm glow. Her stunningly beautiful features looked almost unreal in the misty clouds.


    The white dragon seems to understand the woman in white's words and let out a low growl. At this moment, it was not a proud member of the dragon clan. Instead, it looked more like a little puppy as it leaned fawningly over in front of the woman in white and stuck out its tongue to gently lick the back of her hand.


    The Cloudy Wind City.

    An old man entered the room in the governor's palace, followed by the clear and bright sound of laughter.

    The old man was dressed in flax-colored robes. He was lively and full of enthusiasm with a gaze like a flaming torch and a figure full of dignity. One could feel a powerful suppression coming from him from a distance away. A young man in green robes was following closely behind him.

    This young man has fair skin and delicate, pretty features. His eyes were as clear as still pools of water with a mirror-like surface which could reflect one's reflection.

    "Maternal grandfather."

    Wen Yan noticed the old man immediately and a shining light flashed across his warm and gentle eyes. He quickly rushed to greet him, "Maternal grandfather, you've finally arrived."

    "Haha, I had heard the news on my way here. Did the Snow Jade Bandits come to cause you trouble?" the old man laughed as he asked. A glint of murderous intent had flashed in his eyes during the last sentence.

    My maternal grandson has endured far too many hardships. In order to escape that matter, he had no choice but to hide in the Cloudy Wind City.

    I never expected that so many other people still wished to cause trouble for him as soon as he arrived!

    Do they consider him to be a good victim for bullying?

    "It's fine now," Wen Yan shook his head. "Oh, that's right. Maternal grandfather, I'd like to introduce someone to you. This lady, Gu Ruoyunm is my savior. Without her help, I fear that it would have been extremely difficult for me to escape the bandits."

    I would still have been able to escape with my life!

    However, Tian Qi would certainly be forced to expose her presence to the eyes of the world. Those people would then be able to locate our whereabouts easily!


    The old man was stunned. His eyes then turned to look at the serene figure in the study. A sense of surprise flashed in his eyes, "Gu Ruoyun? Is your name Gu Ruoyun? Based on my knowledge, not too long ago, a young woman had managed to successfully refine a pill! Her name was Gu Ruoyun. May I ask if you're related to her?"

    The old man narrowed his eyes slightly as he spoke and a radiant light flashed across his eyes.

    Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose and shrugged her shoulders exasperatedly, "I think... That person you're talking about is me!"

    She never expected that the news of her actions in the Medicine Sect's general meeting would spread so quickly. It has even reached the ears of those residing in the Northern Block Territory.
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