Chapter 991: The Mysterious Woman In White (3)

    Chapter 991: The Mysterious Woman In White (3)

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    "I feel that there's about..." Gu Ruoyun paused before continuing, "An eighty percent chance of success."

    She may not have confirmed the chances of success entirely but this eighty percent chance alone was enough to excite Wen Yan.

    Even the old man's calm heart leaped!

    Actually, when it comes to power, the old man still has some form of expectations! However, that Dragon Blood Fruit could only provide him with a twenty percent guarantee. The hope in this was far too minuscule so he would rather not concern himself too much about it.

    As for the reason behind his visit to the Cloudy Wind City, he had come because he does not want his maternal grandson's efforts to go to waste.

    "Miss Gu, can you really help my grandfather?"

    The delicate youth's eyes sparkled as he quickly grabbed Gu Ruoyun's hand. His voice trembled with excitement as he spoke, "As long as you're willing to help my grandfather, I'll do anything."


    The old man let out a dry cough and stared at the delicate youth, "Don't be rude to Miss Gu."


    Jiang Mozhu went red in the face as he quickly loosened his grip on Gu Ruoyun's hand. He then lowered his head and muttered as he blushed furiously, "S-sorry, I didn't mean it."

    He carefully glanced over at Gu Ruoyun as he said these words, completely terrified that this lady would be enraged by his actions. If that happens and she refuses to save grandfather, he would become a fugitive of the Jiang family.

    "Miss, this grandson of mine is impatient and careless. Please do not lower yourself to his level. Ah, that's right. I haven't introduced myself to you. My surname is Jiang. Everyone in the Northern Block Territory knows me as Old Man Jiang. However, you may call me Grandfather Jiang. This is my grandson, Jiang Mozhu. I hope that you can help me in educating my grandson in the future."

    Old Man Jiang sighed with emotion. There was a reason why he had said these words.

    She such an outstanding girl. If only she was my granddaughter but this was an impossibility! That's why I wanted to cast my grandson to her so that he can learn from her.

    "Old Man Jiang."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled as she greeted him, "If you can provide me with a few medicinal herbs, I can start to heal you now. The herbs that I need are rather common so I'm sure that the governor's palace should have them readily available."

    When he heard Gu Ruoyun address him in that manner, Old Man Jiang felt somewhat disappointed. However, when he heard her words, his eyes immediately lit up and his breathing quickened.

    "You mean to say that we can start the treatment now?"

    "That's right," Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Your old injury had been caused by being poisoned. Because the toxins had not been thoroughly cleared out, it has accumulated in your veins! However, I cannot clean it all for you in one day so you must be ready."


    Old Man Jiang smiled, "I'll have to trouble you then, Miss Gu. Only, may I ask, how many days will it take for it to be completely cleaned off?"

    "Three days!"

    Three days, that was the minimum time she needed to fully clear the toxins from his system.

    The toxins were far too stubborn which was how it had been able to accumulate in his body for such a long time. If she had not broken through to the rank of Martial Supreme at this point, she might have been powerless to do anything this time.


    Regardless, Cloudy Wind City was quite a formidable force in the Northern Block Territory. Hence, the governor's palace held a rather impressive collection of medicinal herbs. The ingredients that Gu Ruoyun needed were soon sent over by Wen Yan's dispatched parties.

    Upon receiving the medicinal herbs, Gu Ruoyun then asked everyone to leave and began to detoxify Old Man Jiang's body.

    Within the entire detoxification process, Wen Yan and Jiang Mozhu had waited outside the room without leaving even for a moment. Just as they had grown increasingly anxious from the wait, the tightly shut door was opened from the inside.
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