Chapter 992: The Mysterious Woman In White (4)

    Chapter 992: The Mysterious Woman In White (4)

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    The first person to step out was dressed in green robes and carried her usual air of indifference. Her dark eyes were calm and not a single sign of emotion could be seen in them.

    Wen Yan's heart thumped anxiously when he saw the look on her face and he hurriedly rushed into the room.

    "Maternal grandfather, are you alright?"

    He saw the old man who was sitting cross-legged and noticed the emotionless look on his face as well. His heart raced fiercely as he spoke, "Maternal grandfather, was it a failure? It's alright. Even so, we still have the Dragon Blood Fruit on hand. I will ensure that the Dragon Blood Fruit will display its best effects."

    At this moment, Wen Yan was under the impression that Old Man Jiang had been unable to accept the shock and had been rendered speechless. He hurriedly tried to console him but his brows remained tightly furrowed and no one could tell what he was thinking at all.

    "Idiot boy!"

    Just as Wen Yan had gone into a complete state of anxiety, the old man finally responded, "What are you standing around for? I'm getting stiff, why aren't you helping me up?"

    "Ah?" Wen Yan was mildly dazed before he quickly followed Old Man Jiang's orders and helped him to his feet. "Maternal grandfather," Wen Yan spoke in an anxious voice, "What's wrong? Even if Miss Gu had failed, it's not a huge issue. After all, many doctors who have tried to treat you have failed so don't blame her for this. Besides, didn't she mention that she wouldn't be able to clear the toxins in only one day? It's only been a day after all. We still have two more days to try again."

    Regardless, Gu Ruoyun had already helped everyone in Cloudy Wind City and Wen Yan does not want his maternal grandfather to blame her in any way.

    Old Man Jiang took a deep breath before glaring at Wen Yan, "Who told you that it had been a failure? I'm only feeling a bit numb. Let me tell you this, ever since I had been poisoned, this was the first time I've ever felt so relaxed as if my very bones have been cleansed!"

    Three days?

    Old Man Jiang believes that he might be able to return to his former glory tomorrow without the need to wait for three more days to pass!

    He could not help but feel excited when he thought about that and spoke with a radiant look on his face.

    "Yan'er, I have a feeling that this little girl is no mere weed in the pond! She will grow even stronger one day. When that time comes, perhaps the geniuses of the First City can only look up to her existence!"

    Wen Yan was completely dazed when he heard this.

    Gu Ruoyun was indeed very powerful. Even he admits to this.

    Otherwise, that holy beast would never have followed her so willingly!


    Even the peerless geniuses of the First City could not be compared to her?

    Is this even possible?

    The First City was not like any place in the secular world! A countless number of geniuses live there and some were unmatched in existence. However, he never thought that his maternal grandfather would place Gu Ruoyun in such high esteem!

    "Zhu'er," Old Man Jiang glanced at Jiang Mozhu who was standing at the door. He then raised his brows and said, "It's worth it for you to start a relationship with this little girl! Besides, you can learn well from her. I believe that her appearance will bring great change to the Northern Block Territory's landscape. Perhaps we might even become unified."

    Wen Yan, who still had not regained his senses, became dazed once again when he heard these words.

    Her appearance will bring great change to the Northern Block Territory's landscape?

    Wen Yan wrinkled his brows but he did not respond to Old Man Jiang's words.

    However, he never thought that Old Man Jiang's words would come to fruition one day and that the Northern Block Territory would indeed be greatly changed by Gu Ruoyun's appearance, creating a full-blown carnage!

    "Grandfather, I understand," Jiang Mozhu smiled as he replied.

    His smile was as brilliant as a ray of sunlight shining into one's heart.

    Just then, a delicate and serene figure appeared in his mind's eye, causing him to blush red, "I won't let you down."
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