Chapter 1001: The Trembling Holy Beast (1)

    Chapter 1001: The Trembling Holy Beast (1)

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    "Miss Gu, should we continue moving forward, or find another way out?"

    Ye Ying's brows furrowed closely together. He took a deep breath and asked the question with a worried look on his face.

    After all, that was the mythical holy beast! Not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry! Even if they all attacked together, they were no bigger than the gaps between its teeth! So, for the first time, Ye Ying felt the urge to retreat.

    Gu Ruoyun mildly inclined her head and turned her gaze towards the direction of the deep growl. She replied in a lukewarm voice, "If you wish to leave, I won't stop you. It's only that, I don't have time to stay on here any longer. So, Yu'er, let's go."


    Xia Linyu smiled lightly and followed closely behind Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Lan opened her mouth, in an attempt to speak. However, when she saw the young man's delicate and slim figure against the gentle breeze, she felt a surge of heat at the tip of her nose, especially at the sight of his bare sleeve. Her heart throbbed.


    Her voice was pleading, and her large, vivid eyes turned towards Ye Ying, "We..."

    "Lan'er, have you taking a liking to that kid?" Uncle Ying glared impatiently at Lan'er and scoffed, "You know that a powerful holy beast resides in that area! If our World Destruction Mercenaries follows her there, we'd most certainly be hit with severe injuries and might even lose the entire army!"

    Gu Lan went into a daze. She shook her head and said, "I only pity him... Such a young and beautiful youth, he should be enjoying his wonderful years and yet, he's crippled. Although this young man is always smiling, I know that he must feel very bitter within himself. Besides, if I were in his place, and I lost an arm, I'd much rather die."

    To a cultivator, an arm was similar to their power. Without power, was there any more reason to live?

    Yet he has endured it all with determination.

    Gu Lan could tell, that the reason why he was determined to continue living, was only for the sake of the woman by his side!

    "Leader, we've already been here for almost a month and food will run out soon. The Nemesis Forest is crawling with spiritual beasts but it's difficult for us to hunt them down. At that time, how much longer can we endure without the support of food?"

    Gu Lan's large, vivid eyes blinked. Her usual sweet smile disappeared from her lovable face, replaced by a sense of determination.

    "So, why don't we give it everything we've got? Besides, didn't that spiritual beast only just achieved its breakthrough? When a spiritual beast achieves its breakthrough, it cannot fight back. Otherwise, it'll have no choice but to give up on the chance for this breakthrough. So, we can take this opportunity and slip right past it! As long as we use our time wisely, we can leave this place!"

    Ye Ying became momentarily silent. Then, he lifted his handsome face, as if he had made up his mind, "Lan'er is right, our responsibility is to leave Nemesis Forest, not to fight spiritual beasts! However, there is one aspect that we must pay attention to. All the powerful spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest have gone on a pilgrimage to the holy beast. Even if we do not need to fight the holy beast, it would be difficult to go up against these spiritual beasts."

    Then, he paused and continued. "However, we must give it a try. You must all be on alert. Do not be blinded by the battle, immediately carve a bloody way out and run!"

    Uncle Ying sighed and shook his head in exasperation.
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