Chapter 1003: The Trembling Holy Beast (3)

    Chapter 1003: The Trembling Holy Beast (3)

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    "I've told you, Leader, that if we do choose this route, we would drag the whole army down with us! What bright ideas you've all got, taking advantage of the holy beast during the crux of its breakthrough to slip away. However, did you ever wonder if the spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest would let us pass?"

    Uncle Ying blocked an eagle's talons with his sword, his expression filled with anxiety. He could not help but blame Ye Ying.

    Ye Ying remained silent the entire time, yet his expression sunk simultaneously along with the increasing amount of spiritual beasts.

    His powers were of the highest level among everyone present, he had already reached the rank of a low-level Martial Supreme! Hence, he was highly competent in facing these spiritual beasts! However, there was no lack of weak cultivators among his band of mercenaries. They were no match for the spiritual beasts.

    Besides, he would be met with a moment of depletion in spiritual energy. When that time comes, that would signal their death!


    Ye Ying lifted his head towards the flash of green robes against the gentle wind and hope flashed in his eyes.

    Even he himself did not know why he would place all of his hopes onto this woman.


    Amidst the gentle breeze, the flash of a green robe shuttled among the spiritual beasts. When she raised her sword, brains would spill out and fall to the ground, blood splattering everywhere.

    Gu Ruoyun did not summon any of her spiritual beasts to battle! This was because it was her first time facing so many enemies in battle, ever since she had broken through to the rank of Martial Supreme! How could she give up on such a great opportunity to increase her power?

    However, some spiritual beasts were aware that they were no match for Gu Ruoyun, so they attempted to attack Xia Linyu who was next to her.

    However, even spiritual beasts who were able to make schemes like this had their heads lopped off by Gu Ruoyun's sword before they could even get anywhere near Xia Linyu! Otherwise, their bodies would be sliced into two.

    "This... This..."

    The mercenaries gradually felt dumbfounded at the sight of this.

    Our Leader is considered to be rather powerful now, right? However, even our Leader could not possibly be able to kill such powerful spiritual beasts so easily! Besides, there were also a few Martial Supremes among them!

    Yet this woman... Not only was she able to kill her opponent instantly, she was able to take care of the crippled young man by her side as well.

    To do two things at once, how did she manage that?

    Uncle Ying's expression changed from his initial anger to one of shock. In the end, his entire face was filled with embarrassment.

    From the beginning, he had thought that Gu Ruoyun held unlawful intentions towards them, and tried to lure the World Destruction Mercenaries to this place so that the spiritual beasts of Nemesis Forest could take care of them. Yet the thought of how powerful this young woman actually was never crossed his mind.

    She had such outstanding ability, so why would she need to waste her efforts in luring them to the beast king? Wouldn't it have been easier to just handle it on her own? 1

    It was also at this very moment when Uncle Ying finally believed that Gu Ruoyun was truly not a spy from the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries! She actually happened to arrive in Nemesis Forest by coincidence and happened to bump into them...


    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun raised her longsword, a sharp wind from the sword's blade pierced across the air and charged straight towards Uncle Ying.

    Uncle Ying went into a momentary daze, unable to comprehend what was going on. However, he heard a thump right next to him and saw a silver wolf inches away from him, its claw dangerously close to slashing his neck.

    However, the energy from Gu Ruoyun's sword happened to hit the silver wolf's claw. Instantly, a wolf's claw dropped, and fresh blood came splattering out into all directions, staining his robes in a blood-red hue.

    Uncle Ying's body stiffened. The shame on his face grew even thicker, and he felt as if a lump was in his throat. He could not speak at all.

    She had been paying close attention to the mercenaries' situation, disregarded their previous enmity, and saved his life! If it were not for her, perhaps he would have been dead by the silver wolf's sharp claw.

    Yet he had questioned her so much in the past...
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