Chapter 1004: The Trembling Holy Beast (4)

    Chapter 1004: The Trembling Holy Beast (4)

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    Of course, Gu Ruoyun was not aware of his thoughts at all.

    The reason why she had saved Uncle Ying was entirely due to the fact that he never did anything to harm her although he had been suspicious of her from the very beginning.

    However, the actual reason why Gu Ruoyun helped was because she had been observing the situation of the rest of the mercenaries. Hence, she managed to pick up on the embarrassed look on Uncle Ying's face! Seeing that he was already aware of his mistake, there was nothing wrong with saving him this time.

    If he did not feel any embarrassment, perhaps Gu Ruoyun would merely fold her arms and watch from the sides.

    Perhaps Uncle Ying was not aware that it was the humiliation on his face that had saved his life!


    Just as the battle had slowly become easier due to Gu Ruoyun, a growl was heard further ahead in the forest. At the same time, a powerful force pierced through the skies. With a loud whoosh, it turned into numerous rays of white light and spread out everywhere.

    At that moment, the spiritual beasts, which had been locked in a fierce battle, stopped whatever they were doing and collapsed to the ground and knelt to the ground, worshiping toward the direction of the source of power. Their eyes filled with piousness and reverence.

    Hundreds of beasts making a pilgrimage!

    That is also to say, that spiritual beast had successfully broken through to the state of a holy beast!

    With that knowledge in mind, every face of the World Destruction Mercenaries turned into an ugly shade. They never thought that this spiritual beast would have achieved its breakthrough so quickly!

    A holy beast?

    Even a hundred high-level Martial Supreme would not possibly be able to defeat a holy beast!

    What more if it came down to them?

    "Finished, we're most definitely finished this time!"

    "Run, perhaps we can still get away. Even dying of hunger in Nemesis Forest is a better option, I don't want to die by the teeth and claws of a holy beast."

    "Prior to this, we still had some hope of escaping this place. However, once this beast king has had its breakthrough, we would be goners for sure!"

    The crowd glanced at each other, then ran in the direction behind them instantly.

    Do battle with a holy beast? That's just an act of digging your own grave! They would not be so foolish as to strike a stone with an egg!

    However, just as they turned around to try and escape, they heard footsteps coming from inside of the forest. The footsteps were like stones weighing a thousand catty, slamming onto the ground, causing the entire ground to shake.

    At that moment, the crowd who had initially planned on running away came to an abrupt realization. They felt as if the feeling in their legs had completely disappeared, they did not even have the strength to move their legs, and could only stare in shock at the trembling forest.


    A wave of a laughter that was rather smug and egotistical filled the air, coming from the direction of the sound of the footsteps. It echoed throughout the entire forest, causing everything to shake, a terrifying sight indeed.

    "Which little bastard is digging his own grave, setting foot into your grandfather holy beast's land, and even has the audacity to cause harm onto grandfather holy beast's slaves! As the saying goes, pay regard to the status of its master before beating a dog. You've harmed my servants, hence, you shall pay for it with your lives."

    The smug voiced created a look of absolute terror on everyone's face. They trembled as they stared at the middle-aged man who stepped out from the deep end of the forest.

    The man was rather chubby, as if he were filled with a ton of fat meat. He wore a torn and tattered sackcloth, simply draped over his body, looking poor and haggard like a beggar. However, if you underestimated him based on his exterior, you would be sorely mistaken.

    The man emitted an extremely sharp aura from within. You only needed to look at him once, and you would be filled with complete dread.

    If all guess were right, the middle-aged man before them, who had addressed himself as grandfather holy beast was the Beast King himself!

    "Oh, there are actually two little ladies, they're quite pretty! Haha, it seems that things will not be so boring from now on!" The middle-aged man burst into laughter a few times. His voice slammed into the whole of Nemesis Forest like a bolt of lightning, "Servants, leave the women. Kill all the men!"

    Just as he gave the order, his eyes stopped at Gu Ruoyun. He looked shocked. Then, a sense of astonishment appeared in his gaze. He then asked, seeking confirmation, "You... Is your name Gu Ruoyun?"
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