Chapter 1005: The Trembling Holy Beast (5)

    Chapter 1005: The Trembling Holy Beast (5)

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    Just as the holy beast spoke, forget everyone else, even Gu Ruoyun herself was in shock.

    "You know me?"

    She was a little astonished. Has my name gotten so famous, that even spiritual beasts are aware of my existence?

    Her answer had undoubtedly meant that she admitted to her identity.

    The Beast King's initial shock had turned into fear. The fat on his body trembled, like a ball shivering from the cold. It was as if Gu Ruoyun were some horrifying monster to him.

    The crowd was dumbstruck. What on earth is going on? When did the Beast King, who had acted with such majesty just a while ago, become so cowardly all of a sudden?

    Furthermore, all of this, was because of this woman?

    "This... This..."

    Everyone watched as the Beast King finally steadied the fear welling up from within his heart. However, his body remained trembling against the gentle breeze. His fat-filled face broke into a flattering smile as he asked flatteringly, "A misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding! I'm a good person. Ah, that's not right... I'm a sincere, kind-hearted, and good spiritual beast. I have the friendliest relationship with humans. I was only joking with you a while ago. Hehe, you can all leave now!"

    As he spoke, he glared fiercely at his surviving subordinates next to him, and growled angrily, "Are you not aware that we spiritual beasts are friends with humans? Who allowed you to harm our guests, who have come from afar? All of you, get out of my sight and receive punishment. Damn it, taking advantage of my breakthrough and attacking humans. Are you all f*cking tired of living?"

    Sensing the fiery anger from within the Beast King, the spiritual beasts were so frightened that they threw themselves onto the ground and lay trembling on their stomachs, chirping pitifully.

    The Beast King felt a little better at the sight of the spiritual beasts' trembling bodies! Whose fault is it that he himself had been scared witless as well? However, he never expected Gu Ruoyun to make an appearance here...

    If that person were to find out that I had delusional thoughts of forcibly containing his woman, the whole of Nemesis Forest might cease to exist.

    Gu Ruoyun mildly squinted her eyes and took one step towards the Beast King. A peculiar light flashed in her eyes, "You recognize me?"

    "This..." The Beast King dug out a handkerchief out of nowhere, wiped the cold sweat off his brow. Then wiped it across his head as if he were rowing a boat against the waves, "Nope, definitely not!"

    That Lord did not wish for Gu Ruoyun to find out about the instructions he had once left me with, so we mustn't tell her anything at all. Otherwise, if we end up provoking him, we would truly be done for!

    "You really don't recognize me?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow, She could guarantee with a hundred percent confidence, that this Beast King recognized me!

    "Really, even more real than pearls!" The Beast King nodded as if he were pounding garlic with his chin, his face filled with flattery as he spoke, "Do not judge me simply because I guard Nemesis Forest from day to night. I am also very well informed on the news in the secular world. I've merely heard of your name, oh great Gu Ruoyun, so I deeply admire you as well. I really didn't mean to offend you. I ask that you forgive me, my lord."

    The Beast King sniveled as he spoke and his eyes filled with tears. He nearly threw himself, kneeling on the ground to beg her.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. "If you don't wish to tell me, I won't force you, but I'll find out sooner or later. I have some business to attend to at the moment, so I won't stay here. Yu'er, let's go."

    Xia Linyu nodded, glanced at the Beast King, who was sniveling uncontrollably, then turned towards the woman ahead of him.
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