Chapter 1007: The Trembling Holy Beast (7)

    Chapter 1007: The Trembling Holy Beast (7)

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    After departing from the Beast King's lair, they still had to travel for a few more days before reaching the outskirts of Nemesis Forest. However, do not make assumptions simply because both sides had started off in a hostile state, they even felt a great urge to rip each other to shreds. The humans have killed numerous spiritual beasts as well.

    However, after having interacted with each other along the way, a deep friendship had been established between the humans and the spiritual beasts.


    The spiritual beasts let out a deep roar, and charged towards the direction where they had come from. Except, they glanced reluctantly over at the humans behind them before they left.

    In contrast with the Beast King's hypocrisy, they truly felt reluctant to part with them!

    Gu Lan's face was filled with tears. She turned towards a fiery red lion and waved her hands, gesturing farewell, crying too hard that she looked so pitiful. "Little lion, I'll come back and visit you again. However, when that time comes, don't end up attacking me after forgetting about me."


    Ye Ying stroked Gu Lan's head, smiled and said, "Lan'er, don't worry. I'll take you back to Nemesis Forest when we have a chance in the future. After this experience, it should be much easier to get out in the future. Of course, this was also because of Miss Gu, lending her light."


    Gu Lan threw herself into Ye Ying's arms and burst into tears.

    The reason why humans and the spiritual beasts have always existed as enemies were because they were unable to befriend one another. However, once they shed their vigilance, they could become very good friends.

    Just as Gu Lan began to cover her head and bawl, the flaming lion glanced at her, then lowered its head, communicating incoherently with a spiritual beast next to it, then ran wildly towards Gu Lan.

    "Lan'er, don't cry. The flaming lion is back."

    Ye Ying lifted his head and saw the flaming lion rushing towards Gu Lan. He went into a mild daze and hurriedly pacified Gu Lan.

    As if sensing the boiling heat coming from behind her, Gu Lan turned around in disbelief. When she saw that the flaming lion had indeed returned, tears streamed down her face once again.

    "Flaming lion, you're not going to leave?"

    The flaming lion nodded his head, licked Gu Lan's hand and replied in a hoarse voice, "I've asked my friend to inform the king that I'll stay here. I think the king will agree."

    As he spoke, he looked at Gu Ruoyun.

    Even though he could not understand what had happened between this woman and the king, he did understand that the king would not stop him from staying by their side.

    "But, we've killed so many of your friends, don't you mind?" Gu Lan still felt a little worried.

    Even though they got along very well with the spiritual beasts along the way, and were even reluctant to part with them, the World Destruction Mercenaries had killed off many spiritual beasts after all. It might not be that easy for the flaming lion to tag along with her.

    The flaming lion shook his head, puffed out a mouthful of his scorching breath, and replied in his hoarse voice, "The weak are prey to the strong. This has always been the way of survival in this world. We may all be subordinates of the king, but we exist struggling hand-to-hand as well. Besides, we were the ones who attacked you first, I do not blame you."


    Gu Lan sobbed profusely and threw herself towards the flaming lion's body.

    The boiling temperature on the flaming lion's body changed into a gentle caress when Gu Lan pounced on him. It did not burn the young woman's tender and lovely body at all.

    "It's getting dark soon. Let's keep going."

    Gu Ruoyun observed Gu Lan, who was crying tears of joy, and a thought blossomed from within her heart.

    I'm not the only one who is able to form a contract between human and spiritual beast! As long as the spiritual beast is willing to serve, a contract can be made.


    Shouldn't I be searching for a powerful spiritual beast, to act as Yu'er's escort and protector? In case any carelessness should appear on my en, and end up causing him harm.
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