Chapter 1011: Gu Lans Identity (3)

    Chapter 1011: Gu Lan's Identity (3)

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    While we've already exacted their great revenge, our relatives will never be able to come back to us!

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun really hoped that someone could help disintegrate the agony in his heart. After all, if it were not for Xiao Ye, she would never have been able to step out from her pain so soon.

    "While I plan on matchmaking them, there's one thing that I'd need to inform you first." Ye Ying smiled as a profound glint flashed in his eyes. "To this day, I do not know who Gu Lan really is! I only managed to save her one year ago completely by coincidence. I saw how she had nowhere to go so I took her in. Only, after interacting with her for a long time have I come to realize that she carries a spiritual weapon."

    "A spiritual weapon?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and turned towards Ye Ying's profound features.

    "That's right," Ye Ying nodded, "Miss Gu, as a cultivator, you are aware that there are different classes of spiritual weapons. It's not that there aren't any spiritual weapons in Northern Block Territory, it's just that those spiritual weapons are mainly owned by a few great organizations. Furthermore, she's mentioned about having acquaintances in the main city. I can make a rough guess, that she must be a great Young Lady from one of the great powers in the main city."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent.

    Prior to her journey here, she had a rough understanding of the powers in Northern Block Territory. So naturally, she knew which organizations Ye Ying had been talking about.

    "If they really do fall in love with each other, then it shouldn't matter who Gu Lan really is!" Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders complacently. Of course, that would require for them to actually fall in love first.

    Ye Ying laughed loftily. "How could I have forgotten, you're not only a pill master, you're the true Master of Northern Block Territory! I believe that with your power, uniting Northern Block Territory wouldn't be much of a problem for you! Then Gu Lan's identity wouldn't change anything. Actually, I'm only telling you these things because I want to remind you, that while I want to matchmake them, I don't want Gu Lan's identity to become a barrier in the end."

    He glanced at Gu Ruoyun as he spoke, and lifted the corner of his lips. "However, I think that as his sister, you will definitely be able to help your brother. So I can rest assured."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. If Yu'er really does develop feelings for Gu Lan, I would be delighted.

    As for Gu Lan's identity, that wasn't a big issue.


    Ever since Ye Ying and the rest had returned to Green Maple City, a few eagle-eyed citizens managed to recognize their shadows. Then, they hurriedly reported this to the leader of the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries.

    At this moment, in the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' territory, a middle-aged man picked up a random cup next to him and fiercely threw it onto the ground with a loud crash. His fierce features looked absolutely twisted from his rage, his eyes filled with malice.

    "What did you say? That bastard Ye Ying didn't actually die in Nemesis Forest, and he's actually escaped?"

    "Leader, this is the truth. I actually did see them return, and they've even brought back a pair of strangers!"

    A short man knelt before the middle-aged man's right-hand seat and spoke with excellent voice and expression, "Leader, this Ye Ying really doesn't know what's good for him. He was defeated by our Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries, and yet he still has the audacity to return. Should we go loot his home and destroy him?"

    The middle-aged man's entire face was full of malice. His eyes were like a venomous snake, filled with poison. It was difficult to even look at him.

    "Where did he go after his return?"

    "Reporting to you, Leader. Ye Ying took the rest to the black market. Only Gu Lan and a crippled young man returned to the World Destruction Mercenaries' unit! Are we going to meet with Ye Ying at the black market now?"
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