Chapter 1012: Gu Lans Identity (4)

    Chapter 1012: Gu Lan's Identity (4)

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    The middle-aged man fell silent. After a long pause, his vicious eyes stared at the shorty who knelt before him.

    "You say that Gu Lan went ahead and returned to the World Destruction Mercenaries' unit with a young man?"

    "That's right, I saw it with my own eyes!"

    "Since that's the case, then we'll go to the World Destruction Mercenaries' unit instead!" The middle-aged man sneered. The corners of his lips curled into an eerie angle. His ferocious features grew even more sinister and terrifying, making one tremble with fear.

    The short man was in a daze. He asked confusedly, "Leader, only Gu Lan and the young man are in the World Destruction Mercenaries' unit. Why go to war over these two? There's simply no need for that!"


    The middle-aged man glared at the short man with eyes full of loathing. He replied icily, "Why does an idiot like you exist in our Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries? That kid, Ye Ying is quite powerful. He's not even thirty years old and he's already a low-level Martial Supreme. If I go up against him, I might not be able to defeat him. It might even end in disaster! The reason why I had been able to ambush him previously was entirely because I had the Zhang family's help! Now, those members of the Zhang family have left Green Maple City, would I still brainlessly walk into a bloodbath with Ye Ying?"

    Actually, based on his power, he might not lose against the young Ye Ying.

    Except, there hasn't actually been a lack of powerful cultivators in Green Maple City aside from both their organizations! If he were to end up seriously hurt for the sake of killing Ye Ying, many would find it very easy to take advantage of the opportunity.

    The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Anyone could understand the logic behind that.

    It was due to that very reason, that both parties have been able to live in harmony for so many years!

    "But, if our Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries aren't going to fight the World Destruction Mercenaries, why disturb Gu Lan?" The short man still could not understand the reason behind his Leader's plan.

    "You really are a f*cking idiot! Can't you use your brain? Ye Ying is a man who greatly values friendship. If we take Gu Lan away, would he remain nonchalant?" The middle-aged man laughed icily, as he spoke with a malicious look on his face, "Of course, I didn't want it to come this. Ye Ying forced my hand! So, I'm determined to be the only decision-maker in Green Maple City. He's nothing but a child. What right does he have to divide my territory?"

    In the middle-aged man's point of view, Green Maple City belonged to him!

    Ye Ying had the gall to divide his land for so many years, so he must prepare to be swallowed whole!

    The middle-aged man's eyes darkened at the thought. He laughed coldly. "However, this girl Gu Lan, seems to have some power as well. In order to cut the battle short, I'll take care of this, personally! As long as we capture this girl, I believe that Ye Ying would no longer have the gall to retaliate against me! As for the young man that the girl, Gu Lan has escorted back..."

    He paused. A murderous intent flashed across his vicious eyes. "Kill him!"


    The black market is situated at the heart of Green Maple City.

    The staff here are noisy, and you would hear a loud announcement on sales at any time.

    Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze across each and every stall, but could not find the things that she had been looking for. She shook her head and sighed. "Ye Ying, are these the only stalls in the black market? Are there other sections?"

    After all, the items here are certainly not considered to be valuable treasures.

    Furthermore, the black market of Green Maple City's prestige could not possibly amount to this.

    Indeed, after hearing her question, Ye Ying nodded. "This is only the most common section of the black market. While there may be leaks from time to time, it happens very rarely. I was afraid that we would overlook something, so I brought you here to have a look. Since the treasures you are looking for aren't here, then I'll take you to the underground black market."
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